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Russell Crowe on Dangers of the American Lawsuit against key Nigerian Officials

Like Nigeria, Sudan had also fancied itself indissoluble just because its Constitution said so. That same political dynamic will be at work against Nigeria if the litigation is not resolved amicably before Nigeria’s dirty linen is exposed at trial in an open United States courtroom for the entire world to see.

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Buhari: The Imperative Of Abdication – by SOC Okenwa

After 38 years of an authoritative presidency, the Angolan strong man, Jose Eduardo Dos Santos (74), has just abdicated power having appointed a successor,...

President Should Take a Bow

Now what we see is the same arrogant tenacity for sectional dominion. Now we battle with cabal greed for state capture which had goaded every momentum toward public repression of human will

The Falsehood of Religions and Politics – by City Cents 

In his book post (FB 19 08 2017) Christed Light debated the knowledge of human beginnings on planet Earth noting how scientific and religious...

The Power of Now: Life principles by Eckhart Tolle

From Eckhart Tolle comes select few nuggets of wisdom to help you wherever you are in any land and clime to live life to the fullest

Campus Blues (1) – by Titi Brenda

There were days when college meant studious research and academic discipline. But these are newer times...

Opiate Gift – by Teetea

Opiate Gift by Teetea ~ Crafty to a catnip had we stalked To the same cabal and their clowns All our votes to the treasured deck As we gathered for...

The Truth about Vaccines

Exposing the methodology of the dark forces by Suzanne Ward Vaccines Some vaccines have been developed specifically to cause problems! Their original intent is to preserve life...

The Bandit Clan – by Teetea

 The Bandit Clan ~ Hell should have know they were just a bandit clan! Clambering on board 'Another Presidential Change' Their weapons of mass diminution To the last of the golden...