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To further the imaginative approach to Africa's leadership and development concerns through the online forum for independent discourse on governance, literature and culture, not excluding, indeed, other writings of Africa's Diaspora which lend meaning and support to this vision.

Africa News Forum is the web based council of writers, scholars and researchers from around the world with common interest in Africa, in particular the governance, literature, arts and cultures of Africa and her Diaspora. Editors also see to the regular volumes of the Library of African Writing and have anchored up till the 15th of the volumes of Critical Studies (CS), African Literature (JAL) and New Poetry (NP).

The Africa News and Research Forum, dedicated to studied evaluation of African governance, ethics, literature and culture, and the propagation of African thought and aesthetic, has given impetus for the emergence of scholarly publications on African literary and cultural expressions.

For years our initiatives in research with member organizations and individuals across the Diaspora have provided information and ideas that enrich understanding of Africa's rich and diverse cultural heritage.

Membership cuts across race and nationality, embracing scholars committed to a more imaginative approach to Africa's development issues. ALCW, CS, JAL and NP publications are available online or by subscription. Individual and institutional members have also received periodic reviews and newsletters of the organization.


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Journal of African Literature  JAL 3

Journal of New Poetry NP V3  2006

Journal of New Nigerian Poetry NNP No. 1  2005

African Literary Journal ALJ 2  2005



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