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THE Tenth anniversary edition of the Journal of African Literature Contemporary Series features criticisms and reviews on favourite authors of African fiction, poetry, drama and non-fiction.


The lead essay on Toomer examines his creation of a new idiom which allows him to express the more immediate and intricate complexities of the African-American experience. Other writings of African and African American experience showcased in this volume would provoke curiosity about literary tradition and individual talent interacting within a  cultural hive that spans several decades.



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The comparisons of authors and their oeuvre which emerge from this historic enterprise satisfies the quest for appraisal of vision, progress, aesthetic and individual consciousness. What is here called an examination of literary cultures is the emergence of theoretical illumination regarding the ebullient crafts from our hemisphere.





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AFRICA AND HER WRITERS [JALC 10 Special Edition] Chin CE - Charles SMITH (Ed)  IRCALC, 2013 236 p.

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Prefatory Note 9


Jean Toomer and the Triadic Identity
Benjamin Odhoji 13


Ngugi’s Poetics of Naming
Gilbert Ndi Shang 31

The Enigma of Coetzee
Sanjay Solanki 53

The Cean Dialogues
GMT Emezue 73

Sembene Ousmane
Ayodele Bamidele 93

Nadine Gordimer
Asma Hichri 107

Lessing and Head
Teneille Kirton 124

Shakespeare and Ambanasom
Tembong Denis 141

Toni Morrison and wa Thiong’o
Jairus Omuteche 157

Ojaide’s Proverbs
Steve Bode Ekundayo 180


Igbo Traditional Morality
Edward Ezedike 194

Naming in Esanland
EO Idiakheua and David Oamen 208

Lupenga’s Messages
Dike Okoro 219

Poverty and Violence
Danielle Faye Tran 222

Some Kind of Hope
Chin Ce 225