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Chin Ce


Nigerian born, educated at Calabar, and often resident in Ghana, Chin Ce worked variously in some newspaper and publishing houses before settling to a life of travel, research and writing. Although a member of the younger stream of poets from Africa, his talents span the varied genres. He is author of several works of fiction, poetry and essays on literature. His commentaries on national and continental issues continue to reveal the deep insights and imaginative power that are marks of an independent thinker.



Ce's writings evoke a sense of duty, friendship and an awareness of the environment and fauna of Africa. His sensitivity as a poet of ancestral memory reveals itself in witty or often long lines of rebuke to his nationals, words of encouragement to friends, and the celebration of universal human feelings. His fictions dwell upon constructs that challenge the individual to positive participation in a constant of changing realities. Although concerned with African societies, profound in his works is the idea that the universe is  an ever-present dynamic of public and personal realities coming as mere options for participants in the drama of life. While his characters become active challengers of the status quo, the rigorous dialogues in his narratives nudge the reader toward new and less constricting paradigms for redefinition of our place in the universe.




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