The Works of Chin Ce -Critical Supplement (A)1

As part of its ongoing collaboration with writers and researchers towards updating critical responses and approaches to the oeuvres of some of the important voices of contemporary African writing, IRCALC editors present select criticisms by literary scholars in United Kingdom, Cameroon, Nigeria, Canada and United States centring on the works of Nigerian poet and novelist, Chin Ce.


Divided in three phases of study: an Overview, a section on the Short and Longer Fictions of Chin Ce and a final part dealing with the Poetry of Chin Ce, all works here critiqued include Ce's well known fictions, Children of Koloko [2001], Gamji College [2002] and poetry, An African Eclipse [2000]. Attempts have also been made to give Chin Ces other works, The Visitor [2004] (fiction) and Full Moon [1992] (poetry) as much critical attention here as his Millennial [2005] collection of poems.




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 The Works of Chin Ce: IRCALC Critical Supplement (A)1. These papers, taken as a whole, reveal the ideals, craft and vision of Chin Ces fictional preoccupation in the past few years. However, they are only a mild testimony to the wider interest and acceptance which the new generation of African voices will continue to generate among literary scholars around the world.







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The Works of Chin Ce. Critical Supplement (A)1  Irene MARQUES (Ed)  IRCALC, 2007
206 p.

ISBN: 978-9-78-360343-1

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