The Journal of African Literature No. 6


AN important contribution which explores the integration of the Oral Tradition of African writing within the New and Contemporary Expressions.

In this volume scholars have strived to adopt innovative and multilayered perspectives on orality and its manifestations on contemporary African and new literatures.



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African scholars' commitment in the study in Oral Traditions is borne from the awareness that African verbal arts still survive in works of discerning writers, in the conscious exploration of tropes, perspectives, philosophy and consciousness, its complementary realism and ontology for the delineation of authentic African response to memory, history and all possible confrontations with existence such as witnessed in recent analyses of the African novel.






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Journal of African Literature and Culture No. 6.  Charles SMITH (Ed)  IRCALC, 2009 192 p.

ISBN: 9-789-7836-0353-0  Cover Design: Michael Randall

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Oral Traditions of African Writing



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Chin Ce


Happily After: Re-visioning African Writing

Argues, for African writing, new directions that incorporate truly original perspectives which pride in knowing the past, interpreting the present and exploring the future from fidelity to African cultural endowments, rational vigour and sense of positive destiny.



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'Dele Bamidele

Aesthetic Transfer in Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart


A close reading of Achebe's Things Fall Apart showing the tremendous flow of traffic from oral traditional aesthetics to the written tradition in modern African fiction.



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Jen Westmoreland Bouchard


Portrait of a Contemporary Griot: Orality in the Films and Novels of Ousmane Sembčne


This study explores an aspect of profound interest in Sembčne's work being the role of the griot in contemporary West African story telling.



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Ogaga Okuyade


Oral Collage and Multidimensional Perspectives in the Novels of Chin Ce, Phaswane Mpe and Biyi Bandele-Thomas


This paper deeply investigates three African writers who weave together science fiction and mysticism, history and myth, truth and fiction, philosophy and literature in the conflicts of mankind and cosmos.



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Médoune Gučye


African Mythic Context and Postmodern Philosophy in Aminata Sow Fall's Le Jujubier du patriarche


The essay shows how Fall’s work transposes one genre, which is tied to the African oral tradition, into another which emerges from the Western literary tradition.




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Oluwole Coker and Adesina Coker


Indigenous Legal Regimes in Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart and Arrow of God


An attempt to locate the two novels of the Nigerian writer within a new constituency of indigenous epistemology as it relates to law and the administration of justice in the universe of the novels.



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Ngozi O. Iloh


Trajectoire des Ndoumbas  dans les Romans D’Henri Lopes


This paper examines Lopes’ portraiture of free, liberated and sophisticated African womanhood through the trajectories of ndoumba women in his novel.



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Jonathan Fitzgerald


New Kenyan Writers: The Narratives of Binyavanga Wainaina and Yvonne Owuor


This presentation showcases the work of two Kenyans who write with clarity of purpose learned from studying their forbears, as well as an audacity that comes from an understanding of their unique place in the world.




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