The Journal of African Literature # 9


thE Journal of African Literature #9 further marks the permutation of Black literary traditions within and beyond the continent, providing the forum for rediscovery - and revalidating - of traditional African values as the African text finds itself constantly seeking and reinventing new spatializations, new definitions and new ways in which universal African visions may find expressions in and by means of literature. The Contemporary Series [II] argues that as we recognize common values, the plan of universal brotherhood, indeed, comes nearer and we begin to sense our own place in its ultimate realization.




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Using the works of Morrison, Head, Ba, Vera, Magona, Rotimi, Okri, D’Aguiar, Onwueme, Mabanckou, Biyaoula and the Insigamigani texts of Rwanda, scholars present further approaches to the concepts and problems of race, heroism and the African writer’s memory and reinvention of linear time. The heroism and wisdom of African proverbs as a metagenre are being rediscovered in the new writings of African scholars. The unity of culture is also highlighted in the importance of sharing equally fruits of modern collective efforts. A palimpsestic or multidimensional notion of time and existence is replacing linearity time that seems very much an arbitrary creation of Western materialist consciousness. And the perception of unity in great variety broadens rather than narrows our perception of our universe.



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Journal of African Literature # 9.  Eds. Chin CE - Charles SMITH.  IRCALC: N. Carolina, 2012. 230 p.

ISBN: 978-1-105-51553-8

Cover Design: Michael Randall

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Prefatory Note 9

Forum 13

Unity in Variety: The Teaching of Hermes Trismegistus (Thoth) 15

Florice Tanner

Intertextualities 35

The District Commissioner in Colonial Africa: Hollywood, Empires and Reinvention of Patriarchy 37

Paul Ugor

Émigré et Immigrant Intertextualité : une Correspondance de Vision entre Textes Sociologiques et Romans Postcoloniaux Contemporains 51
Emmanuelle Recoing

English Translation 73

Female Subjectivities 95

‘Silencing their Abusers’: Marriage and Death in African Women’s Writing 97
Dianne Shober

The Search for Female Subjectivity in Toni Morrison's Bluest Eye 111
Soheila Poorali

Gender Issues in Ola Rotimi’s Drama 131
Omolara Kikelomo Owoeye

Rethinking Feminism and the African Woman’s Identity in Tess Onwueme’s Tell it to Women 149
H. Oby Okolocha

Heroes, Memory and Race 165

The Construction of Heroism in Rwandese Insigamigani Texts 167
Rodrigue Rwirahira

African Storytelling and Development 185
Osedebamen David Oamen


Memory and Palimpsestic Time in Ben Okri’s Famished Road 197
Kei Okajima

British Racial Problems and the Poetry of Fred D’Aguiar 209
Dilek Sarikaya