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LSi is the society of creative writers and scholars from Africa and the world with critical interest in current developments around modern cultures of indigenous and foreign language expressions. In partnership with Progeny International, the LSi aims to assess and promote the emergence of works of
visionary creative impetus in the genres of modern African fiction, non-fiction and visual arts.

LSi shares an online forum for exchange of information, writing, creative materials, critical presentations and images of ancient and contemporary
cultures as studies to encourage shared values of harmonious coexistence in craft and aesthetic in the worldwide information age. For information exchange purposes we usually distribute electronic copies of book publications, jpeg standard photographic presentations and reviews.

LSi Reviews reflect the global concern for the accountability of national governments in the protection of human dignity, preservation of the environment and sensitivity to cultural nts of ethnic societies. Membership which cuts across boundaries and nationalities is primed on active involvement in projects, forums and overall goals of the Society.

We encourage cooperation and partnership with individuals, publishers, book distributors, advertisers and cultural societies of African and other English speaking nationalities.


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Literary Society International Editors, Reviewers and Critics of Indigenous Art and Culture

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