Second International Edition

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African Short Stories Vol. 1

Edited by Chin Ce

For the International Society of Literary Fellows, LSi


Table of Contents

In Order of Appearance


Foreword 11
Dedication 15

Chin Ce  17

Chin Ce  21

Patrick Tagbo Oguejiofor  25

A Christmas to Forget
Marko Phiri  38

Electric Mosquitoes
Marko Phiri  43

Springtime Bird
Mohamed Sa´d Ra´hani  55

For Everybody His Own Sky
Mohamed Sa´d Ra´hani  57

The Three Keys
Mohamed Sa´d Ra´hani  60

Range Fed Chicken
Bruce Payne  67

Mohamed Sa´d Ra´hani  75

Yehia Moukhtar  79

Colours of Dream
Emmanuel Ugokwe  86

Asabe Kabir Usman  98

The Mermaid and the Princess
Asabe Kabir Usman  102

Glory Past
Steve Bode Omowumi Ekundayo  107

His Leaving
Bonface Nyolde  127

Remains of our Vote
Bonface Nyolde  141

And It Came to Pass
Steve Bode Omowumi Ekundayo  160

The Prince
Asabe Kabir Usman  171

The Ungrateful Wife
Asabe Kabir Usman  175

Lord of the Creeks
Benson Udoh  181

Chin Ce  205

For the Heart of Men (I)
Halima Idris Amali  212

For the Heart of Men (II)
Halima Idris Amali  222

Too Soon for Catty
Chin Ce 232
Without a Backward Glance
Chin Ce 243

This Time Tomorrow
Taiwo Odumosu  251

The Step Mother
Asabe Kabir Usman  258

Asabe Kabir Usman  263

The Bicycle
T. Michael Mboya  267

Scabies on our Skin
Rome Aboh  277

Blue Temptation
Mohamed Sa´d Ra´hani  285

Mohamed Sa´d Ra´hani  288

Open Sesame!
Mohamed Sa´d Ra´hani  294

Meaningless Lives
Benjamin M.O. Odhoji  300

Highway Testimonies
Benjamin M.O. Odhoji  305

Durah and Takata
Laleh Ghaisariyeha NJ  307

Bund Olonde
Benjamin M.O. Odhoji 310


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Second International Volume

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