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Journal of African Literature No. 12


THE Journal of African Literature No. 12 [African Narratives] reviews more writings of African and African American experience in order to elicit from narrative contents that include Western narratives on Africa the processes of individual talent and perspectives around an essentially African experience.


Here we have welcomed insights and illuminations on Narratives, History, Language and Resistance by scholars who envision writers in their imaginative articulation of African identity, their contestation of history, their reassessment of culture and tradition, and their employment of the dramatic form for communal uplifts and social transformation.



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A few comparisons of more than one or two authors and their oeuvre emerging from this historic enterprise have met our standards for diligent assessment of African centred creative thought alongside vision, progress and aesthetic, not neglecting the expanding awareness and consciousness of space. Other prevailing discussions and reassessments around global peace initiatives and international friendships that create room for complementary values as the new approach to cultural understanding and appreciation in contemporary society have been appraised in some works of new fiction writers and poets.




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JOURNAL OF AFRICAN LITERATURE AND CULTURE NO. 12  [African Rhythms] Chin CE - Charles SMITH (Ed)  IRCALC, 2015 215 p.

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