The Journal of New Poetry No. 4

The  Journal of New Poetry No. 4, dedicated to Nigerian poet, and cultural critic, Chinweizu, pays special attention to the Lianja epic of the Mongo in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The West Indian poetry of Edward Kamau Brathwaite, the poetry of Chinweizu, and some works of younger African poets like Oguibe and Kahengua  to mention but a few, have also been accorded deserving footnotes in literary studies.



"Griots of our Times" examines African contemporary poetics which will delight and challenge Scholars of Poetry world over. The reader will also find the review of three recent -poetry publications from Canada, Namibia and Nigeria a revealing introduction to new trends in modern poetry.



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'Our 2008 edition of our New poetry journal is even an improvement on our previous effort', the editors write in the Preface. The Literary Chat Forum, absent in the preceding NP3 of 2007, is back in this edition. It features Nigerian poet and literary scholar, Joe Ushie, whose discussions with Ama Amoah and Mark Lilleleht bring us more knowledge about past and present Nigerian social conditions.








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EMEZUE, GMT (Ed), Journal of New Poetry 4, IRCALC, 2007,
200 p.

ISBN: 9-789-78360349-3

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