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Sitting In The Medicine Circle With The Peace Pipe – Dr Schavi

by Dr Schavi Disclosure News

Let Us Share Truth And Heal!

IN the Indigenous People’s (also called “Native Americans”) communities, there is a spiritual process that involves people sitting together in a circular fashion, having a specific discussion on a necessary topic, coming to an agreement, and then each person taking a smoke from a “Peace Pipe” comprised of certain herbs.

This was like creating a “constitution”–an agreement on how a community or nation would be organized and governed.

This ritual is not only healing to whatever situation has occurred, but it is also a wonderful way in which to call upon THE GREAT SPIRIT (SOURCE) for continual protection and guidance from any disharmony.

Sometimes certain dances are also performed while chanting sacred sounds.

Long ago when Europeans invaded the homelands of the Indigenous People, performance of these rituals was “outlawed” as well as the speaking of Indigenous languages.

Sitting In The Medicine Circle With The Peace Pipe
Sitting In The Medicine Circle

Sitting In The Medicine Circle With The Peace Pipe

In many cases, the Indigenous People were given diseased blankets, offered alcohol as a joke (which became known as “fire water”), and they were oppressed and suppressed in many other ways, and eventually carted off to places called “reservations”.

We have all seen these histories made into television dramas such as the 1950s series “The Lone Ranger” who was the last survivor of his regimen of rangers and was healed and aided by an Indigenous person who came to be known as “Tonto”—a very disrespectful term which actually translates as “stupid”.

Tonto rode with “The Lone Ranger” helping him to fight outlaws throughout the wild West.

There have been other television programs featuring Indigenous People called “Redskins”, but they were always the “sidekicks” of an American hero.

Such other programs have been “Wagon Train”, “Cheyenne”, “The Rifleman”, etc.

Sitting In The Medicine Circle - Peace Pipe
Peace Pipe

Sitting In The Medicine Circle

Every one of them showed the Indigenous People as either being untamed and vicious or becoming “Americanized” and assisting the Anglo-American population in its cultural patterns.

There was also the untruth told that Indigenous people scalped their enemies. It was actually the other way around.

The truth is that this horrible happening originated with the French who came into the so-called “New World”.

Those who were the barbarous members of this group scalped the Indigenous People!

There are, of course, other horrors of history.

African people were captured away from their African homeland, taken through the “Door of No Return”, placed on ships and set out to sea, and enslaved in the USA.

Let us briefly consider other dire histories.

Nazi Germany hated Jews and those who were called “Negroes” at that time. When Jessie Owens (who was not allowed to be in the same hotel as the “White” athletes) won a gold medal in each one of his Olympic events in the 1930s, Adolf Hitler was outraged.

However, even if we reach back to ancient times, we find that certain Kemetic Kings (called “Pharoahs” in Greek) were not without disharmony.

In certain dynasties, people were made to work hard and not allowed to attend temples to pray so that massive structures could be built per royal orders.

However, let us correct a mistake of even this ancient history.

In certain dynasties, people were made to work hard and not allowed to attend temples to pray so that massive structures could be built per royal orders.

However, let us correct a mistake of even this ancient history.

Sitting In The Medicine Circle - Slave Certificate
Slave Certificate

Sitting In The Medicine Circle

The first so-called “Jews” to arrive into Kemet were the “Habiru” (the term from which “Hebrews” is derived) who came from a land called “Libu” in northeast Africa in the 19th Century B.C.E. (“Before the Common Era”—some people use the letters B.C. which for them is “Before Christ”) because they were experiencing a famine in their homeland.

They asked for land upon which to raise their families and their cattle. This was granted to them.

They were escorted to a part of Kemet called “Mem” which today is known from the Arabic language as “Cairo”.

When the “Habiru” arrived in Kemet, the pyramids had already been standing for 4000 years!

You cannot build something that is already standing when you arrive.

Think about this the next time that you see the Oscar-winning movie “The Ten Commandments”!

Think about this relative to the history that you were told (and that your children are still taught in many cases) in school.

The Kings (known as “Nesu”) who were the main pyramid builders—Khufu, Khafre, and Menkara (known in Greek as Cheops, Chephren, and Mycerinius) were kind and loved by the citizenry.

Also, the architects, engineers, and artists who built and decorated the pyramids were of the Priestly class—Initiates of the “Kem Sesasta” (“Potent Mysteries”) who held several “degrees” in this system: The “Sia Tememu” (” Divine Wisdom of the Mortals”), the “Sia Sekhemu” (“Divine Wisdom of the Masters”), and the “Sia SaRa” (“Divine Wisdom of the Sons of LIGHT”).

Sitting In The Medicine Circle - Giza

Test yourself. How do you feel after reading the above? Angry? Depressed? Do you have a desire to strike back with debate? Do you have the knowledge to debate the issues presented or will you be merely giving egocentric opinion?

Do you instead feel a sense of peace because confirmation has been written about what you have known from your studies and travels or from what your Elders have shared with you?

Your electrical frequencies of thought coupled with your magnetic frequencies of mind may result in an experience—good or uncomfortable.

There is no same in lack of knowledge.

Sitting In The Medicine Circle - Vibrational Frequency
Vibrational Frequency

Sitting In The Medicine Circle

There is shame in not wanting knowledge because as an old proverb teaches: “Knowledge is like a garden; if it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested”.

As we also know, knowledge is power.

There is another old proverb which states: “The truth hurts”.

Indeed, many people seek to hide from historical truths which may involve their own ancestors or involve them directly.

So, stories are contrived that “others” had to be controlled because, for example, they were savages or that “invaders” meant no harm.

They sought only to be “missionaries” and to bring “religion” to those who were without belief in “God”.

Sitting In The Medicine Circle - Stand For Truth
Stand For Truth

Sitting In The Medicine Circle

There are now (and there have been in past times) persons who are courageous and who speak the truth after scholarly study and travel about humanity’s mistreatment of each other.

The story of the Indigenous People and the other brief historical accounts above are just some examples of mankind’s mistreatment of other members of mankind.

All peoples of the planet Earth/Gaia have an ancestral blueprint for disharmonious thoughts, feelings, words, and actions towards others.

Anyone who says that their particular ethnic, cultural or racial heritage was never a perpetrator of disharmony towards others outside (as well as inside) of their ethnicity, culture, or race is telling an untruth.

Until the truths of human history of ancient days and of current timelines is faced, healing cannot occur.

LIGHT is giving everyone the opportunity to know the past, to clean-up the present, and to prepare for a peaceful, loving, healthy, abundant future.

All of this, however, entails FORGIVENESS.

We all must forgive those who have disrespected, mistreated, and subjugated us.

This does not involve accepting continual disrespect, mistreatment, or subjugation. On the contrary! It involves being willing to tell the truth of the good things of history but not to constantly wallow in the muck and mire of the dirty past.

It involves being proud of the wonderful, righteous accomplishments of our ancestry but not to rest on the laurels of the ancient ones—but to carry on their accomplishments.

It is time to “Smoke the Peace Pipe” and allow this planet to be the “Medicine Circle” within which we all live in harmony with all of Nature—and this includes us—humanity—for we too are Nature.

This will also stop a World War III from happening that is trying to begin with the Russian and Ukraine situation and the subsequent European sanctions.

The New Moon of March 2022 in Tropical Pisces and Sidereal Aquarius is an excellent time in which to make peace with the past and to declare a beautiful future.

Light a candle and incense. Envision Earth/Gaia in bright SOURCE LIGHT, and see people representative of every ethnicity (race, culture) that you can imagine holding hands in a circle smiling and being filled with PEACE, LOVE, JOY, HEALTH, and ABUNDANCE.

Hear them chanting “AUM SHANTI AUM” which translates as: “OH DIVINE, PEACE, OH DIVINE”.

Sitting In The Medicine Circle - Aum Shanti Aum
Aum Shanti Aum

Sitting In The Medicine Circle

Smell the sweet fragrance of blossoming flowers and green trees. Hear birds chirping, dogs barking, the laughter of children.

You will have envisioned the NEW GOLDEN AGE, and it is said that “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe can be achieved”.

Do not be angry over the metaphorical proverbial “spilled milk” of the past. Would you try to retrieve literal milk that had spilled on a floor and drink it?

Of course not! One of the many reasons why our planet is still in need of so much LIGHT is because so much of humanity refuses to release old, hurtful, anger-producing programming.

This keeps blockages occurring in the cells which are records.

This keeps the nervous system stirred-up.

Of course, we do not want to ignore the past because if that is done, especially for those who do not know the truths of the past, then untruths will continue to be told by those who refuse to come into the LIGHT.

What must occur is that, as has been stated, we must do the work of FORGIVENESS through prayer, meditation, and envisioning.

It may be difficult to release the pains of the past instantaneously because some of the experiences have been so very physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive.

However, the GREAT SPIRIT—SOURCE—THE INFIN ITE PRESENCE–THE ALL— is here to cuddle us in warm, healing, LOVE.

Cry if you must.

There is a saying that “Ancestors come upon the river of our tears”.

Now, breathe deeply.

Say quietly to those who have harmed you or your ancestors: “I FORGIVE YOU”.

Sitting In The Medicine Circle - Forgiveness


Sitting In The Medicine Circle

Remember, one of the world’s scriptures says: “Vengeance is mine sayeth God; I will repay” (HOLY BIBLE).

Also, remember, Yeshua Ha Messiah once said: “Forgive them, for they know not what they do”.

The HOLY QU’RAN says: “There is a barrier you shall not cross”. In other words, there is cause and effect—good or bad—known as “Karma”.

Recite prayers, mantras, affirmations.

We are being assisted by Avatars, Sages, Prophets, Saints, Devas, Devis, Angels, and Ascended Masters—all aspects of one SOURCE.

Stay in the LIGHT!