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Africa Forum

Africa Forum is the news, opinions and creativity website of Africa Research International using internet news and public events aggregation protocol. The Forum harnesses an extensive poll of facts and resource stratagems for effecting the collective evolution of Africa and World humanity.

Galactic vision

Envisioned Media across Borders, Africa Forum is committed to the enlightenment of Earth Humanity in honour of the truths of our infinite, multi dimensional galaxies. This involves the paradigm shift that will unite humankind’s extra terrestrial ancestors with their Earth progeny. Through celebrating our oneness and tolerance of difference, we bring an end to racism, prejudice, religious lies, alien scare mongering and the withholding of all free stellar technology from public knowledge.

The galactic awareness of humankind will end the old control game played by cabals who fill up world politics, religion, banking and administration. In the victory of light over darkness we inaugurate a golden age of true spiritual living with preeminent love, peace and free thought over all power and vicious mind control.


Africa Research

The International Research Council on African Literature and Culture, IRCALC, is the first web based convergence of writers, scholars and researchers from around the world drawn by common interests, particularly, the literature, art and culture of Africa and her Diaspora. Editors see to the regular volumes of the Library of Critical Writing and have anchored up till the 15th series of the journals of African Literature (JAL), Critical Studies (Special) (CS), and New Poetry (NP).

A timely mission

Coming at a timely period of millennial cultural awareness, IRCALC Team of Editors argue for a more imaginative approach to leadership and development concerns through eloquent media discourse on governance, literature and culture, not excluding, indeed, other writings of Africa’s diaspora which lend meaning and support to the vision.

Editors are ever vigilant in the truthful evaluation of governance, ethics and aesthetics across the world net. In the propagation of creative thought, IRCALC Editors have given impetus to a wealth of publications on African literary and cultural expressions.

Inclusive membership

Member organizations and individuals proffer public information and ideas that enrich world understanding of Africa’s richly diverse heritage. Membership cuts across race and nationality to embrace scholars committed to Africa development issues. The Library of Critical Writing, CW; Critical Series Special, CS; Journal of African Literature, JAL; New Poetry, NP; are all available by subscription request. Individual and institutional members get to read periodic reviews, extracts and newsletters of the organization.

Yearbook Writers

Outstanding contributions by literary and cultural critics as distilled from volumes of the journals of African writing are now online. Across the online media, select few have been memorialised  for their significance around the globe.

Odhoji: 2013 Writer of the Year

Gera-Roy: 2011 Writer of the Year

Ushie: 2008 Writer of the Year

Chin Ce: 2005 Writer of the Year

Scholar Reviews

Read insightful commentaries on genres of poetry, fictional narrative, critical anthologies, including subjects on history and sociology. Most are available on request. The links assist on further download information regarding prime scholar research materials.

African Literature journal No. 3

Journal of New Poetry NP V3

New Nigerian Poetry NNP No. 2

African Literary Journal ALJ B5


Global publishing partnership

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