High-Frequency Quantum Energies Coming to Earth


Now we have a choice – which timeline to follow, which people to communicate with, what relationships to build, what kind of creativity to do in full force, and what future to shape for ourselves.

The Great Quantum Transition: Opening of 5D Portal

by Lev

With the onset of 2023, a lot of Souls who have experience of changing dimensions in their physical bodies on other planets, continued to actively request to open a 5D Portal. Their calls were especially insistent on 18 February 2023, on the Great Night of Shiva (Mahashivaratri), which followers of Spiritual practices use for direct communication with Co-Creators.

Quantum Energies on Earth
Quantum vortexes (c) forestdelic.bandcamp.com

And the call was heard. On the same night, Lightwarriors and Lightworkers got signal to prepare for the arrival of high-frequency energies. And two days later, on February 20, a 5D Portal was opened on Earth. It is huge, almost the size of a planet. The speed of the quantum vortexes inside it will periodically increase until March-April 2023, and then, it will enter its constant radiation mode. This grandiose event was accompanied by the strongest Solar storms and seismicity, which has not stopped until now. On February 23 alone, 1,267 earthquakes of various magnitudes from less than 2 to 6.8 occurred in the world.

The new, 5D Portal is highly intelligent, alive, and energy will flow through it from all friendly five-dimensional (and higher) spaces of the Local Universe. Using this channel, Co-Creators will continue to work with us, transmit information and knowledge, recode our individual fields, and prepare personal meetings on the physical plane with highly developed civilizations, with all the ensuing consequences.

Everyone who is ready to get the five-dimensional energies into selves can now safely continue working with new 5D frequencies flows that come to the planet. The results will depend on the personal efforts of each of us. 5th density will unfold smoothly and gradually, with the discovery of new properties of our body, the surrounding space and matter, with the recollection of our innate superpowers, and rejuvenation.

These processes will be enhanced STRICTLY INDIVIDUALLY, in proportion to personal efforts to integrate into 5D fields. The Portal will be accessible solely to those who are in tune with it by their vibrations, and are eager to completely switch to its frequency, into its space, and associate their future exclusively with evolution in the Fifth dimension in 5D.

We cannot solve the problems of the Third dimension by staying in 3D. Everyone here has the SAME problems. It is impossible to change Samsara, the space of frequency (radiation), which is programmed to strengthen instincts and the struggle for survival. It emits vibration of low collective consciousness and Intelligence. Any entity, even Stellar or Galactic, once in the field of low aggressive laws, is forced to change in behavior. Although many Souls (especially Dark ones) are very comfortable in such a world, it can parasitize and exploit others, dump karma on them and avoid punishment.

Era of Light

3D Samsara is a testing ground, specially created and focused on producing suffering of any power and scale. Through a sophisticated system of illusion, deception and constant rocking of the swing, we are forced to pass both Light Souls of different civilizations and representatives of Dark and Gray space races. The former want to live according to the laws of Love, the latter crave suffering, feed on power, fear, and humiliation of others.

Why did Source and the Absolutes develop such a strange platform? Exclusively, for us – to know the animal world from the inside, where everyone eats each other alive around the clock. We have entered a frequency alien to us, it has a murderous psychic effect, which is very difficult to resist. For human beings born in the image and likeness of the One, only a frequency of at least 4D was initially planned.

Thus, for many, 3D Samsara is hell, it is an energetic multipolar field, which with its discharges are designed to awaken the Divinity in us, fully overcoming the proposed circumstances. We have to ask ourselves, “Where did I get to? This is the Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors, where everything is turned upside down!” Now, we have to leave this 3D system to itself, letting it devour itself.

Over time, negativity condenses and concentrates in us, and we become the opposite of Light, turning into Dark. We create it ourselves, and then, just in our likeness we attract and form huge layers of Dark entities, a Black Hierarchy, living according to its gruesome laws, and we even replenish its ranks.

Now, we have to cleanse ourselves from low three-dimensional 3D, and even from medium (mixed four-dimensional 4D) frequencies in order to move into the category of Light beings. This requires a clear understanding of self, a special mental attitude to purify our energies and maintain them in a healthy, balanced and sparkling state on the road out of the Dark.

But we voluntarily got used to and fell in love with SUFFERING from everything: fear, resentment, injustice, feeling undervalued, unfulfilled, or disconnected. Thus, paradoxically, we are very comfortable staying in 3D.

Having met the opposite info or attitude, we protest, conflict and insult the opponent. We cannot control our thoughts, emotions and reactions. Everything that does not suit us causes our aggression, irritation, frustration, resentment, anger, rejection, rudeness, criticism and accusations of other, and unacceptability of someone else’s opinion.

We live unconsciously, in automatic mode, on autopilot. We don’t believe in self-knowledge and the possibility of self-healing, in self-upgrading and evolution. We do not consider it necessary to raise vibrations, as we do not believe in the energy field of man and space.

We have a very big Ego (separation) problem. Everything that unites is not interesting to us, and we perceive it as a lie, deception, provocation, and a trick. We associate love, friendship, and creation with weakness of character. We are fixated on fierce competition, survival at the expense of others, personal gain always and in everything.

Entering the Fifth Dimension 5D

When the Supreme Divine force enters us, it pushes our aura in different directions, and makes us more voluminous than we were before. The docking takes place through the connection to our hearts, mutual attraction and Love. Our chest is expanding, power is bubbling inside, and in the area of the lungs very pleasant and previously unknown electricity appears and pours into all the cells of our body.


This is how the 5D Portal works. For a short time we get used to its force, remember that state, encode and stitch cellular memory with new sensations. Then, this power comes out of us.

It always happens that way. The new quantum energy touches us from the back, where the entrance to the heart chakra is located, fills our body and power field, attends, stays… After that, it leaves our body, but does not go far, rests close, behind the back, and watches. It has no purpose to dominate or subdue.

Co-Creators give us this energy to try, to feel. We are led to new states and sensations, and then, we must, according to the law of similitude, grow this power in selves. That’s where our work, creativity, and ingenuity will be needed. We’ll have to simulate, renew the lost sensations, duplicate them in ourselves, and multiply, increase them. This is how any fractal is formed – by copying shapes, states, where each fragment is reproduced at different scales, from infinitely small to infinitely large.

There is no coercion or violence here. Having felt the Sublime Energy, we are given the right to choose. Or we follow it, emulating it in ourselves, because we want to be like it. Or we give it up.

The Source always comes not alone, but in the company of a wide variety of Its Forces and Manifestations. High-frequency energies can enter us both from the Greater Cosmos, the Subtle Plane, through the power of the ether; and from below, via Earth, manifesting planetary power in us. We can perceive these energies with our head, crown chakra and through the lower centers: legs, coccyx, and reproductive organs. But the highest energies enter the heart area from the back, through the Soul and prana. It feels like we are being impaled on a needle, like a butterfly.

Having realized this pattern, we are no longer afraid of any Darks. Each drop of the Divine Ocean carries a template of the entire Ocean’s Consciousness. We are a tiny Light copy of the Source and can grow any energy from within (relying on Higher Powers and ourselves). We have all the tools to build our own fractal from the inside. So, our Soul grows, building up the cells of a new, 5D Matrix, upgrading, expanding and changing its qualities.

Everything goes from Teacher to pupil, from Master to apprentice. Everything goes from the Source to Its children. One Level grows other levels. And everyone is sovereign, independent and free in his will. The Creator simply gives us its seed, and then, we have to nourish it in (our)selves.