Let’s make a HIGHER reality HAPPEN


Oops I Did It Again!

Because you see, so very powerful are you as Creator Gods that even the tiniest of your beliefs about reality manifest themselves as your very reality!

by Don Spectacularis – Shared from EraOfLight website

Image credit: EraOfLight website

Have you ever had that creeping feeling that tells you that the rest-of-the-world simply isn’t waking up FAST ENOUGH? Or that far too many people are continuing to remain stuck in that sleep mode, or, dare I say, “SHEEP mode?”

Well congratulations! For you’ve now seamlessly identified the root cause of your problems successfully indeed!

Because you see, SO very powerful are you – as Creator GODS – that even the TINIEST of your BELIEFS about “reality” – whether they’re hidden (from you) or not – manifest themselves AS your very reality!

So if you even have the TEENSIEST of negative beliefs about OTHER people – such as – “Why is EVERYONE still asleep?”, “Why are all the CHILDREN still suffering?”, “Why is so and so negative AGENDA still existent?”, “Why can’t the truth disclosure processes SPEED UP?”, “Why haven’t the conditions for ET disclosure and reunion with our star families REAL-IZED yet?”, “Why is the arrival of global peace and prosperity taking SO very long?”, “Why won’t people heal their divisions and traumas ALREADY and find LOVE?”, “Where is all of that EQUALITY that we were promised?” – and so on and so forth – well, guess what, so very POWERFUL are your thoughts that you end up creating exactly just THAT.

But that’s okay. It’s only human to make this particular mistake. I should know – I was making it only until just a few MINUTES ago.

Well, not ANYMORE.

And so, here’s the NEW thoughts that I’m now conditioning myself to think and loop-think on a regular basis instead…

“EVERYONE upon this planet is waking up faster and faster”, “ALL children upon this planet are being RETURNED to LOVE, JOY, PROSPERITY, FUN, FREEDOM and PEACE that they’ve FOREVER deserved”, “ALL negative agendas are now RAPIDLY DISSOLVING by the power of GOD”, “ALL disclosures of truth are now RAPIDLY RAMPING UP left, right and center”, “ALL disclosures of ETs and reconnections with our Star Families are now EVERYWHERE ONE LOOKS”, “PEACE is growing everywhere we look”, “PROSPERITY and EQUALITY for ALL BEINGS is growing everywhere we look”, “ALL divisions and traumas within humanity are being RAPIDLY healed”, “SUPER ADVANCED healing chambers, replicators and free energy devices are coming to life EVERYWHERE ONE LOOKS”, “the ENTIRETY of our very PLANET, its AIR, WATER, and SOILS, and ALL BEINGS upon it are being HEALED and RESTORED to their very HIGHEST forms”, and anything ELSE of beauty and benevolence that you may wish to add to THAT mix.

 Now, here’s a fun little thing: I want you to say all of the above given (positive) sentences either mentally or out loud. And then, if at ANY sentence you feel that you’re LYING to yourself somehow, I want you to keep REMINDING YOURSELF (until the fact sinks in) that you’re in a DREAM being dreamed by none other than YOU, so the TRUTH is what YOU decide it to be. Because what you’re facing, in that moment of feeling “defeated” by something OUTSIDE of you, is a hidden (or partially known) Negative Belief of some kind that tells you that “reality” is being created by something OUTSIDE of you. Which it SO ISN’T.

So DO INDEED make it a point to spend some time finding out the (known or hidden) negative beliefs that are causing you to think in this way – giving your power away to an outside source – and then, SURRENDER, RESOLVE and TRANSMUTE the said negative beliefs by discarding them and sending them right back to GOD. And that is ALL you even need to DO, here.

Finally, you could also say the above sentence – “This DREAM REALITY is only and ONLY what I WANT it to be. PERIOD.” – out LOUD as many times as it takes for that TRUTH to sink in and become a PERMANENT belief of yours. Do this until there is not a SINGLE SHRED OF RESISTANCE left to rise up within you when you make the previously mentioned POSITIVE statements or affirmations about reality.

And THAT’S HOW you flip this game on its very HEAD.

Last but by no means the least, WATCH YOUR EXPECTATION.

This bears repeating because it’s super SUPER important…

Watch your expectation. Watch Your Expectation. WATCH your EXPECTATION.

If you SAY you want more and more PEACE in the world but EXPECT a bunch of wars to start up because your favourite Channeled Entity or Tarot Reader told you so (or said that it was in humanity’s highest interests) – only what you EXPECT to happen WILL BE what ultimately ENDS UP happening.

You can’t SAY you want all division to heal while internally EXPECTING things like “I hope that political party (that I hate) and its supporters get destroyed” or “I hope this religion (or group of people) that I dislike loses everything” and things like that.

You can’t have it both ways.

You can’t ride on two boats (going in opposite directions) all at the same time.

You can’t HAVE your cake and EAT IT too.

And yes, I’m not saying it’s impossible for something NEGATIVE to happen PURELY as a part of the DIVINE PLAN. But you must let the DIVINE INTELLIGENCE decide that, and NOT YOUR Ego or Mind.


Expect only and ONLY the most POSITIVE – the most BENEVOLENT things – to happen everyday, and only THOSE things shall happen.

Make hatred a thing of the past. Make negative expectations a thing of the past. Make negative BELIEFS a thing of the past.

Accept. FORGIVE. Grow up. LOVE.

And the REST shall TAKE CARE of ITSELF.

(And in more and more INCREDIBLE ways than you can even really IMAGINE, as of yet.)

Finally, I can’t even BEGIN TO TELL YOU how very CRITICAL it is for this message to reach the MAXIMUM numbers of people at this time. So please, PLEASE do EVERYTHING in your power to SPREAD IT ALL OVER.


TALK about it. TELEPATHICALLY THINK-SEND IT to ALL OF HUMANITY. Make it ACCESSIBLE for the learning or reading disabled. Set an INTENTION TO SHARE IT ASTRALLY (in your dreams) with ALL OF HUMANITY just before you go to sleep.

Make EVERY LAST EFFORT to SPREAD THIS MESSAGE EVERYWHERE. Because it can literally change EVERYTHING for this planet. But you already know this, having read this message.

Let’s stop SABOTAGING ourselves through our OWN thoughts, words, actions, beliefs and EXPECTATIONS.

Let’s make a HIGHER reality HAPPEN.

In INFINITE Love, Light and Gratitude,

– Don Spectacularis