Nazi terror 78 years ago and what it means for Africa


The fall of Nazi Third Reich by Russian military might and sacrifice 78 ago bequeathed sovereign centres of development and independence to Africa and the world nations.

A War Has Been Unleashed Against Russia But Moscow Will Tackle It – Putin

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On May 9, Putin delivered a speech at Moscow’s Red Square military parade, dedicated to the 78th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany in World War II.

President Vladimir Putin pledged on Tuesday that a war has been unleashed against Russia, but that Moscow will resolve it.

“Today, civilization is again at a decisive turning point, [and] a real war has been unleashed against our Motherland. But we repelled international terrorism, [and] we will protect the residents of Donbass, ensuring our security,” Putin underscored during a speech at the military parade in Moscow to mark the 78th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany in World War II.

‘Some Western Countries Want to Destroy Sovereign Centers of Development’

He pointed to an array of Western countries, who he said want to strangle any sovereign centers of development.

“Their goal – and there is nothing new here – is to achieve the collapse and destruction of our country, cross out the results of the Second World War, finally break the system of global security and international law, and strangle any sovereign centers of development,” Putin noted.

He underlined in this vein that “Like the vast majority of people on the planet, we [Russia] want to see a future of peace, freedom and stability. The Russian president added that “any ideology of superiority is inherently disgusting, criminal and deadly.”

‘West Seeks to Dictate Its Own Rules’

Putin accused Western countries of provoking conflicts and coups, as well as destroying traditional values in order to continue to dictate their own rules.

“We believe that any ideology of superiority is inherently disgusting, criminal and deadly. However, the Western globalist elites still talk about their exceptionality, pit people [against each other] and split society. They provoke bloody conflicts and upheavals, and sow hatred, Russophobia, aggressive nationalism, as well as destroy traditional family values that make a person a person,” he said.

Cult of Nazism Created in Some Western Nations’

The Russian president accused the leaders of some Western nations of creating a cult of Nazism and demolishing monuments to Soviet soldiers.

“We see memorials to Soviet soldiers being ruthlessly and cold-bloodedly demolished in a number of Western countries, where a real cult of the Nazis and their accomplices is being created, and the memory of true heroes is being erased and slandered,” Putin said.

He slammed these actions as “a crime” and “outright revanchism among those who have cynically and openly prepared a new campaign against Russia, and who gathered neo-Nazi scum from all over the world for this campaign.”

‘Ukrainians Become Hostages of 2014 Coup’

Separately, the Russian president spoke of the Ukrainians, who he said had been hostages since the 2014 coup and have become a bargaining chip in the hands of West.

Over the top ambitions, arrogance and lack of accountability inevitably turn into tragedies. This is the reason for the catastrophe that the Ukrainian people are now going through. It became a hostage of the coup and the criminal regime that its Western masters developed on its basis, a bargaining chip in the implementation of their cruel and selfish plans,” Putin stressed.

‘We’re Proud of Those Who Take Part in Russia’s Special Op in Ukraine’

Touching upon those taking part in the ongoing Russian special military operation in Ukraine, he underlined that Russia takes pride in them.

“The battles that decide the fate of our Motherland have always become patriotic and sacred. We are faithful to the precepts of our ancestors, [and] we clearly understand what it means to be worthy of the grandeur of their military, labor and moral achievements,” Putin said.

He added that the country is proud of those taking part in the special operation, including servicemen who fight on the front line and those who rescue the wounded.

“Now there is no more important thing than your military work. The country’s security is on you now. The future of our statehood and our people depends on you. You are honorably fulfilling your military duty, fighting for Russia,” Putin underscored.

CIS Leaders Attending Moscow’s WWII Victory Parade ‘Very Important’

The Russian president also pointed out that the arrival of the leaders of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) in Moscow to attend the Victory Day Parade on May 9 indicates their grateful attitude regarding the act of bravery of our ancestors.

“It is very important that the leaders of CIS countries have gathered here in Moscow today. I see in this a grateful attitude to the act of bravery of our ancestors, they fought together and won together; all the peoples of the USSR contributed to the common victory,” Putin said.

He was referring to the leaders of Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan, who had come to Moscow to attend the Red Square military parade.