Timelines are diverging


All these events are designed to attempt to hold you to the third-dimensional expression, to the illusion, to the old timeline, the old biblical timeline. But that is no longer for you.

Archangel Michael: Timelines Diverging

by James McConnell

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Archangel Michael: I come to be with you at this time, indeed, in these times of great change that is upon you.

And indeed you are moving through this timeline shift that is happening. For the timelines are diverging now. Just as you had in this experience, just as you were able to see in this experience, you can see the diverging timelines and many different offshoots of those timelines as you moved through the expression.

And just as you continue to move through the expression of your life, you are indeed able to be aware of these two timelines. Just think of it in terms of those that are of the old ways, the old status quo that do not want to change, they are diverging now. They are moving into that timeline that will keep them in the lower vibrational frequency.

And as you know, if you stay within the lower vibrational frequency, and not be in the higher vibrational frequency, you stay within the third-dimensional illusion. You cannot ascend into the higher fourth- and fifth-dimensional frequencies. It is not possible.

So you are witnessing that now as you look across at the world, and you see the world events that are happening. And all of this, all of these events are designed to attempt to hold you to this third-dimensional expression, to the illusion, to the old timeline, the old biblical timeline. But that is no longer for you because. as I said earlier, you have already made the choice. You made it long, long ago. You made the choice to move into the higher vibrational frequencies, to move through this ascension process, to be the Way-showers and the System Busters that you all are. You came here to bust this system wide open and you, as a collective, are doing exactly that.

Yes, indeed, there are many who are seemingly doing more than you are, but you, just with your thoughts, every moment your thoughts are creating this new timeline and the many different offshoots of that timeline. And know that because everything is multi-dimensional, that there are so many different aspects of these timelines as well.

We do not expect you to quite understand this yet at the third-dimensional level, but as you continue to rise in vibrational frequency and consciousness, you will begin to understand this more.

For if you think about it, only a few years ago, maybe five to ten years ago, the idea of timeline did not even come into your potential thinking. It was not even a thought that came in. But now it is in many peoples’ thoughts. Many peoples’ words are bringing this forward, the idea of timelines and shifting, and moving from one vibrational frequency to the other. You did not even know many years ago about vibrational frequency and how important it was to the raising of consciousness. It is all a part of the whole, a part of the one here. And you are all a part of this, bringing this forward. And you must come to understand that. Just your thoughts.

So when you have a negative thought, that negative thought resounds through the quantum field and the universal mind, and many then pick up that negative thought as well. But when you have a positive thought, the same thing occurs. And more people are picking up those positive thoughts that more and more people are having. And the more and more positive thoughts you have, the more thoughts you have of a positive timeline, of higher vibrational frequency, higher consciousness, you are love rather than fear, and so on and so on, the more that you have those types of thoughts, the more that you are creating this new positive timeline and moving into your ascension process more and more fully.

And yes, indeed, you are the verge now of a great shift along this timeline. Even the timeline that you are on now is going to have a great shift as well. You may not have thought of that, but it is. There is going to be a great shift within the positive timeline also. And those that are on the negative timeline are going to experience a shift in their timeline as well, and move them further away from you and all that you are attempting to experience and create in this new Golden Age that is upon you.

So yes, indeed, look at this as the end of the movie, as we have been saying for some time, telling you that this is a movie that you are watching. And simply watch it. Do not become a part of it. Do not become attached to it. Allow it to play itself out. And wherever you have the opportunity, though, you can play your part in this movie. You can play your part in helping others move into this positive timeline, or higher in this positive timeline.

It is up to you, you and the collective you, to bring this forward even more rapidly. And there are those that are positioned now at this point, cannot give name, but there are those that are positioned now at this point that are going to create this great shift that is upon you. I cannot say more about that at this time.

I am Archangel Michael, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you continue to move along this timeline that you have created, and continue to create this as you move forward with positive thoughts, positive expressions, love; not hate, not fear, just simply love.

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