‘The great solar flare is indeed coming’


The entire Earth-facing part of the sun is currently charged with super-high energy, and some of these sunspots exhibit ‘beta-gamma-delta’ magnetic field for very powerful X-class explosions.

Earth Alliance Space Weather Intel – Very high Energy Levels in the Sun’s Corona.

by Peter B. Meyer

There has been a large increase in reports worldwide about multiple suns, strange moon activity, extraterrestrial clouds, strange lights in the sky, colourful comets and asteroids. There is definitely a large increase in sightings of spinning orbs, UFOs and UAPs. Even stranger is the fact, that many say they can clearly see the outlines of massive planets moving through the sky daily, and these objects are massive and sometimes cover half the sky panorama.

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The Pleiadians say that something much bigger is the cause of all current increased solar activity, as well as all celestial observations recorded in the sky. They say something big is going on behind the scenes.

Like clockwork, a massive dead star in the auroral cloud moves close by Earth’s solar system every 13,000 years, and because of its distance from this star and its distance from Earth, several massive planets in that solar system pass close by the Sun and Earth every 3654 years.

The most recent close orbital cycle of this twin solar system began just before the Earth year 2012, and currently, in 2023, it is in a very close perihelion relative to the Sun and Earth. In the first half of 2024, this orbital cycle will reach its maximum perihelion.

This solar system contains its own brown dwarf sun, which is much larger than Earth’s yellow sun and emits blinding white plasma light. One of the eight planets in this twin solar system has many names, such as planet X, Nemesis, Hercobulus, and Nibiru.

This “planet” is blue-green, like Earth, not red, and five times larger than Earth. Another smaller planet in this system is bright reddish/orange and is currently located to the left below the sun during sunset. If you look, you will see it.

All this may seem like a distant conspiracy to some; but if one investigates deeply enough, one can eventually put all the pieces together and get to the truth.

It is known that regardless of the attempts of ‘the powers that be’ to hide this the solar system of Nibiru from the world, in the coming months, it will appear clearly and brightly in the sky, the closer it gets, that nothing can hide it anymore.

The ancients were fully aware of this twin solar system as they followed its intersection in the sky, and the modern ‘powers that be’ have known about it since 1983. They chose only for selfish reasons (to hide the fact claiming) not to alarm humans about it. Although these celestial bodies interact with Earth’s magnetic field and weather systems, it is known that these celestial bodies are actually turning away from Earth, and there is no danger of collision.

Nibiru 3654’s orbit in the solar system is a cyclic reset event that has caused a major solar flare and extinction-level event at least five known times in prehistory, but it is also known that at this sixth time, no cataclysm is taking place, mainly due to advanced magnetic pole, stabilisation technology placed at Earth’s north and south poles.

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Moreover, the exotic gamma light from the great solar flare is going to activate all the dormant DNA in this cosmos, and the beings of planet Earth will be elevated in consciousness on Earth to the next higher dimension!

It is the time for a new beginning and a time when incredible and wonderful things are going to happen for you. It is not a time for a conspiracy or an end-of-the-world scenario. It is a time to be practical and use common sense. Above all, it is a time to use greater intuition and discernment for all the information you receive.

It is not a time to look down or back. It is a time to lift your head and look up, because that is where the grandeur takes place. We say just go outside and lift your eyes to the sky every day and see if you can see it.

As the celestial bodies continue to move above our heads and the sun becomes more and more responsive, know that the great solar flare is indeed coming and is going to happen soon, as the ancients already said.

All the signs are in the sky, and it is written on the wall!

Be in great peace, and hope!

Let us know how your ascension journey is going, and feel free to share with us any ascension symptoms you are currently experiencing.


From Michael and the Pleiadian

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