The Making of Earth Humans: by a Pleiadian Starship Commander

Hakann pleiadean_commander

This is commander Hakann speaking. Frankly, it is very strange to consider that you Earthlings do not really know your history. If you do not know where you came from, how can you know where you are going?

Hakann: How Were Earthlings Created?

by A. S. channelled for EraOfLight website

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WHAT you think of as the Earthling race, are those Earthlings who have received all the DNA from various ET races. This is why Earthlings are so diverse and why so many Earthlings look very different from one another. This is because different Earthlings have different combinations of ET DNA. That said, all groups of Earthlings have both good and bad traits, strengths and drawbacks. No one group on your planet is better than another.

The positive races offered Earthlings a helping hand. Earthlings accepted and the positive races helped you build Atlantis (which was more masculine-focused) and Lemuria (which was more feminine-focused). Then the positive races left, to honor the spirit of the “will Earthlings turn towards the light or dark?” competition.

But the dark races cheated. They lied to Earthlings, which is a violation of free will, and they infiltrated both Atlantis and Lemuria. I would like to say that they corrupted Atlantis and Lemuria, but it is more accurate to say that they merely contributed to the corruption of Atlantis and Lemuria.

The dark ones gave you destructive technology and flattered you and increased your ego and pride and turned you away from a path of service to Source.

Yet even more important than that was that Atlantis and Lemuria had access to too much knowledge and technology too quickly, and their level of consciousness was too low to be able to handle that wisely. You can think of Atlanteans and Lemurians as toddlers playing with loaded weapons. Even the technology and knowledge that the positive races gave them was too much.

This is part of why I have told you in past messages that from my perspective, the most important thing is for Earthlings to raise their level of consciousness. Giving you more knowledge and technology just makes the weapon you are holding even more dangerous, while spiritually you are still a toddler. Frankly I considered refusing to answer this question for that reason, but then decided that you deserve to know your history.

Also, the positive races learned a painful lesson here to not try and tell lower-consciousness beings what they should think and how they should structure their society. While we never forced your forefathers to do anything, we did make suggestions. And Atlanteans and Lemurians listened to us. But their level of consciousness was not high enough yet and so it blew up in their face. You would have fared better if we had made fewer suggestions. This is part of the reason why today we are very reluctant to just take over your media and broadcast our perspective.

After the collapse of Atlantis and Lemuria, the positive races withdrew, partly out of shame and partly because they concluded that they should just let Earthlings develop at their own pace. But of course, the dark ones didn’t. After Atlantis and Lemuria, they really hooked their claws into you.

Some combination of demons, negative ETs and a small group of their human minions have been running your entire world ever since, from behind the scenes. They have been feeding off your energies and particularly off your so-called negative emotions.

To diminish you and make you easier to control, they falsified your history. They filled your heads with inverted information. They made you worship idols and false gods, sometimes includings themselves. They locked up parts of your DNA. They made sure that everything you ate, drank and breathed in was filled with toxins. They divided you. Then they divided you even further. They made brother kill brother, made father kill son, made man hate woman.

They raped and tortured every priestess and wise woman they got their hands on. They destroyed feminine energy wherever they found it. They tried to convince women to become masculine. They tried to block both masculine and feminine energy in men, to make them completely powerless and detached and tuned out.

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This systemic rape and torture of every woman who was not a submissive house-wife, is part of the reason why Earthling women still feel so very unsafe, even today. Part of this fear comes from justified concerns about modern-day dangers, and part of this fear is ancestral trauma.

My Earthling sisters, I empathize with you so very much. I cannot imagine how much you have suffered. I also cannot express how much I love you or respect you for having kept a good heart despite all of this. And yes, I know that there are still many dangers out there even today. Society still does not treat you properly.

Yet I do want to say: you are safer now than you were in those dark days. Today in most places you’re not going to get brutalized just for speaking your mind or for being a priestess or for studying some herbs. It’s no longer then, you’re no longer there. With all my love and respect, I would like to invite you to let go of some of that ancestral trauma.

Keeping yourself small may have been necessary in the past for your safety. I do not blame you for that, at all. But now you are invited to once again step into your power. The world needs you. Humanity needs you.

So, the dark ones abused you for millennia. And yet, despite all of this, still you slowly kept growing in a generally positive direction.

What were the positive ET races doing in the meantime? Well, the early forms of positive races were not very good at dealing with so-called negative emotions, because their societies are utopian. Because of this, they were inexperienced at dealing with negative emotions. So for a long time, positive races simply did not look at Earth because they felt shame.

I am offering a formal apology to Earthlings on behalf of all positive galactic races who were involved with humanity, for our behavior in those days. We are not proud of it.

This is part of the reason why it is such a deep wound in the Earthling psyche that you had a paradise but then you lost it. Many of you still subconsciously blame yourself for the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria.

From my point of view, you can let go of that. It was more our fault than your fault, and besides, you have beaten yourself up for way too long over that already. I would like to invite you to forgive yourself for the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria. It is time. You have suffered more than enough for that already. You are forgiven.

At some point the positive races realized they had to do something. They asked for volunteers to start incarnating on Earth. These are light workers. The hippie movement of the 1960s had a lot of light workers in them. This is not to say that hippies are perfect people, they had their flaws and blind spots too, but hippies did significantly raise the consciousness of humanity.

 And it worked. Remember the competition we talked about? During the Harmonic Convergence of August of 1987, enough Earthlings were good-hearted that the light side officially won. Earthlings were then put on track in to become a good-hearted race living in a love-based society (although you have free will, so individuals might still turn towards the dark). This trajectory was further locked in and stabilized in 2012.

Now it is just a matter of playing out the process and seeing how long and rocky this road will be. Of course the dark ones are refusing to accept their defeat, but literally everything they are doing nowadays is backfiring on them in the sense that it is only waking up more and more people.

The level of consciousness on Earth is rising so quickly that hostile ETs are less and less able to affect you. Plus the positive ETs have dedicated a lot of resources and manpower towards protecting you from hostile ETs. Now it’s mostly just a matter of dealing with selfish and dark Earthlings, which we think is mostly your responsibility. We do not wish to repeat Atlantis.

The situation on Earth today may look dire, but from our perspective, for the first time in millennia you are actually mostly freed from your demonic and negative-ET controllers. Now it’s mostly just flesh-and-blood humans who are pursuing a dark agenda, and you can just have regular police men and soldiers arrest those. You have more than enough evidence. The ball is lying in front of an open goal. It’s just up to some courageous Earthling to kick it in.

The consciousness of humanity keeps rising every single day, so it is highly likely that some day the positive factions of the Earthling military will pull the trigger.

One day you will learn galactic history and you will see that it is full of irony. One such irony is that positive beings foresaw that Earthlings would bring peace to the galaxy. However, in their self-centeredness, they interpreted this as “we will work with the negative races on these Earthlings, and in working side by side on this human project, peace will be created.” Now it is looking more like you Earthlings will indeed bring peace to the galaxy, but you will do so because one day you will be more powerful and more wise and more experienced with both light and dark than we are.

You will bring peace not because you are some project for us to tinker with, but you will bring peace because you will be the greatest of us.

The positive races already love and respect you, while the dark races will be unable to handle either your love or your military power. At the same time, you will be wise enough to let them chart their own course, so long as no direct harm to others is done, and not force some kind of Pleiadian-like society on them. After all, you too will have learned from Atlantis.

So, why did Earthlings turn towards the light and not towards the dark? That’s because the light is simply inherently stronger and more appealing than the dark. That is what Earthlings have proven once and for all, to the entire galaxy.

The dark ones cheated and they still lost. You still turned to the light.

All the dark is, is lack of love and lack of light. Even a spark of light or a spark of love can fill an entire dark room. Light beings are defined by their connection to Source, dark beings are defined by their lack of connection to Source. Which do you think is more powerful and more appealing?

This is where we are today. Your medium-term future is brighter than you can possibly imagine.

I hope you found this informative. If you have any follow-up questions, feel free to ask. I very much appreciated the opportunity to talk about this today. Thank you.

Your star brother,

For Era of Light