Tesla Energy Pendant: powerful healing force on Earth

Tesla father of scalar energy

Similar to Med Beds, another Extraterrestrial age-reversing and cellular healing gift to humanity through Nikola Tesla, father of free energy, is here for public use.

by Christed Light

photo image of Nikola Tesla
Tesla, the genius behind scalar technology of the modern world.

NIKOLA Tesla was undoubtedly the greatest genius behind twenty first century scientific inventions. Most of his ideas such as free energy and scalar technology were far ahead of his time. In fact, Tesla prepared the 21st century for the scientific community, while the deep state, courtesy FBI, seized and patented his gifts for the American empire in what they termed ‘national security‘.

It was Tesla, helped by his Extraterrestrial galactic cousins, who proved the power of two types of cosmic energy: scalar and electromagnetic. While the nature of scalar is free and unlimited -like the ether- and can be harnessed for general optimum good, however, greed and profit drove the powers- that- be to promote electromagnetic radiation energy as the dominant power drive for the world, rather than the free natural energy of scalar.

But all this is changing as humans all over the planet are rising in awareness to meet Tesla’s ideas halfway.

To prove the reliability of scalar, Tesla had experimented with discharges of electrostatic energy, which released energy from the vacuum of space also known as the “ether“. Note that Tesla chose the term scalar or ‘radiant‘ energy for what we know today as the universal (God) force, the Chi.

Energy pendant can be held in the hand
The source of free energy comes from the ether and is replenished by natural Earth particles in the quantum pendant

By using universal energy we are fully charged and grounded to Earth‘s energetic balance where ill health and diseases cannot flourish! This is exactly what the Scalar Energy Pendant is doing for conscious humans around the planet today.

How does Scalar Energy work with a Pendant?

Energy pendants are now in high demand
Scalar Pendants abound with life balancing and life sustaining ionic charges

For life on earth to thrive, primal earth energy consisting of negative ions must be present 24/7. Not only does 3G, 4G and (most horribly) 5G technology intercept our exposure to Earth energy that our life force sorely requires, but we are regularly inundated with destructive electromagnetic frequencies from these technologies that destabilise our sustainable energy and wholesome balance!

But thanks to the Quantum Pendant with concentrated volcanic ash emitting polar negative ions and earth based energy frequencies, which rejuvenate the body cells on a continual basis, the job of balancing out the malignant man-made frequencies has become so simple as wearing a Scalar Energy Pendant around your neck!

Health benefits of wearing a Scalar Pendant are legion.

The Quantum Pendant can achieve Age reversal for you

Scalar Energy brings two electromagnetic waves together from two opposite converging vectors. When the energy vectors meet, the equal frequencies cancel each other leaving a spherical, standing or stationary energy field.

This space the scalar occupies is not a vacuum but alive with optimally balanced frequencies in a continuous energy flow. This energy space has special properties that produce aspects of healing and continuous age reversal.

Wearing a quantum pendant
Your affordable age reduction necklace can be worn around your neck

Energy Pendant: Your reservoir of Power and Vitality

Today, you don’t need to be a Health buff to join thousands of people who now have better health and greater vitality through neutralizing harmful emanations and re-charging your body’s energy field with the right energy frequencies using the Scalar Energy Pendant.

By its nanotechnology of aligning with Earth minerals structurally bonded together, the Scalar Energy Pendant restores balance and harmony to the body.

The Scalar Energy Pendant is constructed to emit healthy scalar energy negative ions, and contains nearly 100% of Germanium

Energy pendant held in the jand
Holding a Scalar Pendant attracts unlimited energies

Therefore, when you consciously wear the Pendant energy field around you,

*You are increasing the energy level of every single cell in your body to an optimal 70-90 millivolt range – which means boosting immune system.

*You are improving your cell wall permeability thus facilitating your intake of nutrients into each and every cell and the elimination of waste from each and every cell – i.e., helping your cell metabolism.

*You are lowering EMR – the impact of Radiation from Electro Magnetic Energy, EME.

*You are cleansing your blood, improving chylomicron (protein/fat particles floating in the blood) and triglyceride profiles and improves fibrin patterns – i.e., you restore your body’s natural balance.

Energy pendant for age reversal
Energy Pendant for age reversal and mental alertness

*You are sharpening and elevating your mental alertness, and balancing the left – right hemispheres of your brain as demonstrated through EEG analysis.

*You are using an antidepressant since it relaxes your nerves and inhibits the uptake of noradrenaline by PC12 nerve cells.

*You are reversing your age to noticeable clarity, meaning you will be looking healthier, younger and full of renewed vigour every time.

Perfect for Youth, Middle-aged and Elderly Citizen

Thousands are finding better health and vitality using Scalar Pendants

Our Scalar Energy Pendant is made from specially sourced volcanic materials free from radioactive contamination.

Simply by holding one in your hand or wearing one around your neck, you can achieve better health and greater vitality, neutralising energetic blockages, and re-charging your body’s energy field with the right energy frequencies.

Available in different models and affordable prices, your delivery information might be just a call away.

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