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Call For Papers - CS - JAL - NP Journals


IRCALC editors yearly collate, review and approve contributors’ entries for publication in several journals and textbooks of African and Black literature. You may forward your submissions or enquiries to 


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2014 AFRICA AND HER WRITERS Volume II - JALC 11 Special Edition - (ONGOING)
From our unique concern with authors and their work, we are moving literary scholarship beyond the texts and even beyond conventional categorisations to investigate progress and aesthetic of African and African-American writers along a fairly original and indigenous African philosophy. We intend to showcase several more authors and writings of African and African American experience in the Second Volume of the JALC 2014 Special Edition, the objective being, as before, to elicit the desired curiosity about African literary content and the processes of tradition and talent within a motherhive of cultural legacies that have spanned several decades of creative virtuosity by Africa’s prodigious talents.  >>>>

With the end of the Mayan calendar of millennial history by 2012, and the prospect, through literature, of advancing those dreams which humanity had so often expressed through their enlightened spokesmen and women, we are learning to recognize the common ideals which unfold as we grow, realising that the contribution emphasized by each great thought, as it develops, broadens our perspectives, and that the perception of unity in great variety enriches all in the universe. JAL 10 goes beyond the textual categorisations within conventional literary traditions to investigate progress and aesthetic in African and African-American writings, illuminating significant psychological, spiritual and ethical values that dominate much of ancient and modern African and African-American works of the centuries. >>>>

Nigeria’s Eastern Writers’ Forum is pleased to announce an International conference/ Writer’s Convention on Creative Writing and the African Environment in honour of African writers Gabriel Okara,  J. P Clark, Elechi Amadi and Christian Otobotekere. Proceedings of the conference which holds at Okoya Auditorium and Gloryland Conference Centers in Bayelsa Nigeria on 12th – 14th March 2012 will be collated and edited by the International Research Confederacy on African Literature and Culture (IRCALC). >>>>

Series II is also committed to deeper investigations of black identities in modern black texts, and the commemoration of ancestral heritage for its capacity to redeem the dead and forgotten past. The Contemporary Series II of the Journal of African Literature #9 will further pursue the permutation of Black literary traditions within the continent and beyond, providing the comparative bridge for the eternal communion of black literary and mythological heritage which inhere in resuscitating the past as a means of restoring lost values. >>>>

The 2011 Textbook edition of the African Journal #8 will pursue the examination of enduring canonical literatures and several emerging works of Black literary traditions through their historical and literary developments within the continent and beyond. >>>>

This edition of 2010 JAL is a further quest through an all-expansive African heritage in and beyond regional or national groupings. It is built upon the framework of Black cultural nationalism as a consistent element of African-centred modernity... >>>>

JOURNAL OF NEW POETRY: "Lyrical Traditions"
The 2010 concentration on Lyrical Traditions in Poetry is a continuation of past aspects of the study of poetry and music but one in which all the elements of lyrical composition are channelled in a didactic and aesthetic movement to artistic competence >>>>

NEW BLACK AND AFRICAN WRITING Vol.2 : Critical Supplement
Continuing the perspectives on writings from Africa and African Diaspora... >>>>

CFP 2009: NEW BLACK AND AFRICAN WRITING : A Critical Supplement on New Writers from Africa and African Diaspora
Contemporary perspectives on writings from Africa and African Diaspora are therefore tributaries of the frontier spirit of Black Renaissance informing past, present and continuing perspectives on black and African traditions in literature... >>>>

Our 2009 commitment to the study in oral traditions is borne from the awareness that African verbal arts still survive in works of discerning writers, and in the conscious exploration of its tropes, perspectives, philosophy and consciousness, its complementary realism, and ontology, for the delineation of authentic African response to memory, history and all possible confrontations with modern existence such as witnessed in recent analysis of the African novel...>>>>

CFP 2009: JOURNAL OF NEW POETRY: "Poetry and Music"
This year’s focus on Music and Poetry is in recognition of the significance of both genres in contemporary African aesthetics...>>>>

CFP: JAL 2008
Editors of the International Research Council on African Literature and Culture (IRCALC) are currently receiving submissions in existing literatures of Anglophone, Francophone and Lusophone Africa involving issues in contemporary postcolonial modernities and citizenship (re)definitions. This time we have chosen to look specifically at the literature of Conflict, of War and Post war dilemmas; literatures that address the discords and divisions within Africa...>>>>

CFP: 2008 Journal Supplement: The Works of Ossie Enekwe

The editors at IRCALC invite research papers, critical presentations and editorial collaborations for our 2008 Critical Supplement project on the works of retiring professor of dramatic literature at the University of Nigeria, Onuora Oswald Enekwe, a.k.a. Ossie Melody  >>>>

Calling for submissions for the next volume of essays on African Literatures:
A WIDENING FRONTIER is the theme of the 2007 edition of the Journal of African Literature and Culture (JALC), the internationally-reviewed publication of Africa Research.

CFP: 2007 Critical Supplement: The Works of Chin Ce

Papers centring on the works of Nigerian poet and novelist Chin Ce are invited to supplement ongoing 2007 journal issue >>>>


CFP 2006: Journal of New Poetry

 Papers are invited for the 2006 edition of the journal of new poetry of African expressions NP V3 2006.

The journal of new poetry (internationally refereed) is the project of the International Research Council on African Literature and Culture [IRCALC] which has previously edited the New Nigerian Poetry journal. ...




 IRCALC editors have announced the call for papers on the theme 'Re-Imagining African Literature (2)' This second edition of the original 2003 theme edited by Charles Smith is expected to complete the previous scholarly essays that appeared in Volume 1 in 2003. >>>>




Writers and scholars all over the world are invited to submit papers for the third edition of NP journal of the International Research Council on African Literature and Culture IRCALC. The previous journal issue of first quarter of 2005 is dedicated to retiring professor of English, poet and critic, Professor Romanus N Egudu of the University of Benin. Unlike the ALJ that deals on African and Diaspora literature and cultural issues, the New Nigerian Poetry NNP journal aims to bridge the gap in appreciation of oral and written poetry of Africa with Nigeria as its focus... >>>>