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AI editor, researcher, site administrator
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Strategy for defeat of evil elites

Our mission is to prevent world tyranny by criminal elites. How can we do this? Simple: by exposing their...
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‘The Butcher of Gaza’

Israel's Netanyahu and cohorts are bound to blood sacrifice of women and children on the altar of Semitic gods and their racial hatreds of...

Timelines are diverging

All these events are designed to attempt to hold you to the third-dimensional expression, to the illusion, to the old timeline, the old biblical...

Despite US $44.2 billion they still lost Ukraine war

US has sent almost all of their war stocks, weapons systems and ammunition to Ukraine, now Washington does not have a great deal left. War...

State of Palestine a must

Cessation of hostilities and the adoption of measures to resolve humanitarian problems are urgent tasks in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict * Creation of Palestinian state historically inevitable...