The Fourth Reich: Dark secrets of evil races

Nazis and the negative ETs


There are two undisputed facts about the Nazis and extraterrestrials. First, the 13 bloodline families, which are genetically 50% reptilian and are the viceroys of the Draco Empire on Earth, backed the Nazi Party’s rise to power and continued to support Germany throughout WWII. Second, the Nazi Party from the beginning adopted symbols and a racial ideology that came from the Aryan ETs, who are reported to live in the Aldebaran star system. (For a description of one of their planets, Alderon, see Appendix What Is An Aryan ET)

I attempted to describe the Aryans in this post: What Is An Aryan ET?. In his book, True World History: Humanity’s Saga (2014), Stewart Swerdlow provides more information:

There are documents that indicate the Germans themselves admitted they were aided by beings from the Aldebaran star system. They are a Lyraen refugee group. They have extremely advanced technologies, are and known for their lack of emotion. They were responsible for the development of the German Teutonic tribes after the fall of Atlantis, and eventually for the creation of the Scandinavian culture. They mixed their genetics with what was already there, creating a technologically advanced people. They may be emotionless, but they are very human-looking. You can be sitting next to one without knowing it. They have bases in the mountains of Austria, Bavaria, Switzerland, Iceland and Greenland. (2014, p. 195)

Regarding exopolitics and the Nazis, Swerdlow writes, “The 4th Reich people are descendants of the 3rd Reich people who escaped and built a new society” (2014, p. 194). By 4th Reich, he means the Antarctic Nazis. They formed the Nacht Waffen, the Dark Fleet, and colonized thousands of planets and moons around the galaxy.

Swerdlow continues:

The original Illuminati creation of the Nazis was ultimately usurped midstream by the Aldebaran influences, causing a change in alliances. The Allies kept the war criminals that the Illuminati sponsored; the rest escaped to Antarctica. The 4th Reich in Antarctica is a major issue for the Illuminati. They have their own agenda and seek their own New World Order. (2014, p. 194)

By “sponsored,” he is referring to Project Paperclip, through which the Allies gave visas and a new life to 50,000 Nazi scientists, engineers, technicians and military/intelligence officers.

Schisms between Draco-controlled factions on Earth are a deception

I disagree with Swerdlow’s statement about there being two rival Fourth-Reich factions. There is no evidence the Nazi leadership ever renounced their allegiance to the bloodline families for the Aldebarans, although it’s possible that German leaders might have been told this. From the history of Prescott Bush and Pope Pius XII we know the Luciferian Brotherhood, the 13 families, backed the Nazis all through the war. Moreover, given the extent of their power, it would have been impossible for the Nazis to turn their backs on them.

The Nazis committed many crimes against humanity, and both the Aryan ETs and the Draco reptilians were complicit in these crimes. However, the invasion of the Soviet Union, which took the lives of 26 million Russians, seems more likely to have been the idea of the 13 families.

Operation Barbarossa was a disaster from a military standpoint: a dangerous redeployment of men and materiel to a new front that presented formidable challenges for both. However, it would have satisfied the 13 families’ blood lust, as well as their desire to see the socialist experiment mercilessly crushed.

Masonic society
Picture: Formed in 1921, the Masonic Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) controlled U.S. foreign policy for 96 years. Above – Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller

At the beginning, Nazi anticommunism might have been seen as posturing to gain the neutrality of Great Britain, the United States and France as Germany conquered Spain (1936), Austria (1938), Czechoslovakia (1938) and Poland (1939). Perhaps anticommunism is the reason President Roosevelt aided the fascists in the 1936 Spanish Civil War by preventing the U.S.S.R. from getting arms to the Republicans even as Hitler freely armed Franco. But when Hitler invaded the U.S.S.R. in 1941, to the delight of the elites on both continent, as well as the Vatican, the regime’s anticommunism became the ideological justification for genocide against the Russian race.

Penny Bradley lent support to the idea that the 13 families were behind the Operation Barbarossa when she revealed that Hitler had filled the Nazi leadership with Jesuits.

(52:00) Penny: That regime [the Nazis] were put in by the aristocracy. Once they came to power, they pushed the aristocracy out and replaced them with Jesuits.

AJ Roberts: When you talk about Jesuits, can you describe what that means?

Penny Bradley: It’s the Society of Jesus, and they were created to be the assassins of the Vatican. They, along with the Dominicans, were responsible for the Inquisition. They killed millions of people in Europe. . . .

(56:00) AJ Roberts: And with Hitler himself, am I right in saying he didn’t commit suicide, that he fled to Argentina?

Penny Bradley: Hitler lived out his days in Argentina with Eva, and the CIA was keeping an eye on him. He was not part of the group in Antarctica. He was not welcome there because he had cast those people out and replaced them with Jesuits, and the Jesuits lost the war. So, he was a persona non grata. (

I don’t endorse Bradley’s view that aristocrats are any different from Jesuits, as my understanding is that the bloodline families and the Catholic Church are all part of the Luciferian Brotherhood. But the fact that there were Jesuits in the Nazi high command leaves no doubt that the bloodline families were really in charge.

Bradley disagrees with Swerdlow’s claim that the bloodline families are genetically related to Draco reptilians (and there are seven races of these to choose from). She asserts they’re Anunnaki Nibiru, who are also reptilian, although they look somewhat humanoid. But whatever the origin of the bloodline families, one thing is clear: they do whatever the Draco Empire wants them to do, and so, I suspect, do the Aryan ETs.

Despite the alleged antagonism or a rivalry between 4th-Reich Germans in Antarctica and the 4th-Reich Germans who took over the world under George H.W. Bush, the Antarctic Germans ended up subordinating themselves to the Draco Empire as early as 1941. According to James Rink, in 1941 is the year the Germans signed an 80-year treaty with the Draco (see Nacht Waffen Regir and the Alliance: SSP Vet Nusken).

According to John Whitberg, the Breakaway Germans turned to the Draco because they were offered “better stuff,” and also because the Draco would help them settle colonists of any race. These reasons annihilate Bradley’s claim that the Germans left Earth to be safe from Vatican pogroms and were solely interested in the survival of the Teutonic race. The Draco would have been behind any pogroms or abductions carried out by the Vatican since, according to Stewart Swerdlow, the Draco controlled the Roman Empire since the time of Christ. (Gene Decode claims the Draco were behind all of the plagues as well.)

Carnegie group
Picture: Carnegie 2001: capitalists, mass-media figures and depopulationists—and Tony Fauci

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