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Humans and ETs: My Session with Jesus

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soul level active multi dimensional researcher
Jesus has conveyed the clearest concept of a command that I have ever received from any being while remote viewing. It is not that we should cooperatively work with the ETs. Rather, we must do so.

There must be no limits to the human desire to help – Jesus

by Courtney Brown, Scientific Remote Viewing (SRV) session,COSMIC VOYAGE

Approximately two weeks after the original, monitored session targeting Jesus, I decided to target Jesus a second time in order to establish a dialogue, this time under Type 1 (solo and frontloaded) data conditions. At this point I was becoming quite proficient with the use of the SRV protocols, and my ability to obtain accurate Type 1 data was not in question.

As with other Type 1 data sessions, I present the information in the form of a narrative.

Date: 14 June 1994

Place: Atlanta, Georgia

Data: Type 1

My initial impressions were of blue, white, and yellow colors. The texture was airy. I got the sense of something expansive and curving. In later stages of the session, I picked up expansive energetics together with a sense of calmness. I got the sense of a resting place. The initial image was one of a large circular body with a luminous and energy radiating atmosphere. I followed the signal into the light.

Soon after this, I began to discern beings, and I got the clear sense that the beings were waiting for me. Again, I got the sense of calmness from the surroundings. I felt I was in some sort of protection zone, a place to recover (from what, I did not know).

Continuing to follow the signal, I approached a human-type face. There were five other beings present. They were all wearing white translucent gowns, and I noted that I could see through all of the beings. I located the central figure, and probed on the question of what they wanted me to do. They indicated that they wanted to take me somewhere and that I should follow.

We proceeded into a large room that had translucent walls. There were many other beings in the room. At this point I had a strong AOL that this was the Federation headquarters that I had visited earlier, and I realized that my initial image in this session of the large circular body with a luminous energetic atmosphere was similar to that which I had perceived when approaching the headquarters in a previous session. All of the beings in the current room were wearing the same translucent white gowns that the five original beings wore.

I perceived two strong AOLs at this point. The first was that this place was a central command chamber of some type. The second was that it had the flavor of a military headquarters for command and control of various operations. In the room there were tables and chairs as well.

I was taken face to face to the same heavyset Buddha-type fellow with whom I had interacted previously in my visit to the (Galactic) Federation headquarters. I got the sense that he was in charge of the place in some way. He directed me to enter his mind, and I went in.

Upon entering his mind, I simultaneously entered into another dimension or realm. It was as if one dimension was behind the other. In this other place, I cued on the concept of guidance, since that was the cue that led my unconscious to reveal the Jesus personality in the previous session. I then saw his face. Immediately after perceiving Jesus’ face, I got the distinct sense that he was glad that I returned to see him alone (i.e., in a solo session).

To obtain information from Jesus within the structure of the SRV protocols, I cued on the concept of human-Grey interactions. The response that I received was very clear and even authoritative.

He said that there is no being that humans will interact with that is not of his design. He then stated that we are to help his children however they come to us.

I did not understand what Jesus meant by “of his design” or “his children.” It could be that he was using words that would be understandable to a larger human audience, some of whom look on him as a religious figure. I suspected that his meaning would be more complex than simple or literal. Other readers may interpret his words differently.

Jesus went on to say that we humans have free will, and that we have the capabilities to sort out what to do with our interactions with the Greys. However, I got the clear impression that our choices will determine much of our future. I then cued on the concept of human-Martian interactions and got a response similar to that regarding the Greys.

I then cued on the dual concepts of mind and the Sidhis. Jesus was very clear in his response to this. He said that there are countless ways that the spirit is guided to the source. It is like a river and its tributaries. There is no one way, and the practice of the Sidhis is not the only way for humans to evolve.

But he added that the Sidhis are nonetheless a useful approach for the human mind. I should add that I got the sense that other types of minds may not need exercises like the Sidhis to discern nonphysical realities. The Sidhis are useful to the human mind, and perhaps only the human mind. I got no sense at all of how broadly it could be applied in other nonhuman settings.

I cued on the concept of dangers and received the response that greed is the killer of personalities. It is not compatible with the remainder of life. It is like oil and water: love and greed do not mix. I did not get the impression that Jesus was moralizing. It was as if he was simply stating a fact of life.

Cuing on the concept of ecology, Jesus stated that God can create and recreate all life. The purpose of life is to produce evolution. Following this, I cued on the idea of the Galactic Federation. Jesus indicated that the beings involved in the Federation are at a higher level of evolution than humans.

While they too are working to enhance their own evolution, their actions are no more or less crucial than human actions. Moreover, he emphatically claimed that they do not work for him specifically. They work for themselves, and their own growth. They see their progress as leading toward a God-destiny more clearly than humans, however.

I then asked Jesus why I came to him through the Federation folks. He told me that it was specifically because of the book that I am writing. He wanted to help me with the book because it is my evolutionary contribution. I got the sense that it is one small act that assists everyone else. No one person can go forward unless he or she helps the others who temporarily remain. It is a law of evolution, the opposite is selfishness and greed.

I then asked whether humans should view Greys and Martians with compassion. The answer was yes. This is the idea of helping others. Without this, no one goes forward. There must be no limits to the human desire to help. This is the most absolute of commands (emphasis his). Prejudice—racial, species, or otherwise—simply cannot coexist with the higher evolutionary forms. This is the human challenge: to grow past the intellectual and habitual limitations of the past that ultimately restrict our freedom.

At this point, I thanked Jesus and ended the session. In my notes for the session, I emphasized my sense that the overall tone of the session was matter-of-fact.


Jesus is much concerned with the evolutionary growth of humans. Moreover, he is willing to participate directly in at least some human projects involving attempts to establish verifiable contact with him.

Because of his historical importance, using SRVI asked him his opinions regarding many of the momentous events of our own time. He offered his opinions freely. Nothing more has been done, and my results are not intended to challenge any existing religious concepts. For example, one does not need to believe that Jesus is the Christian concept of the son of God in order find his views interesting, nor does believing that change anything. He once existed as a physical being on our planet, and his subspace aspect is still alive and well, just as the subspace aspects of all of us will outlive our own physical bodies.

Similarly to this chapter, later chapters will present data involving interactions with the personalities of Buddha and Guru Dev. My approach to these personalities is in part out of respect to the roles that they have played in the development of human culture over the centuries. But also I believe it is wise to ask wise beings for advice.

I will have more to say in later chapters on the advice that Jesus has given us regarding the ETs and the way our own evolution can be impacted by our decisions regarding them. For now it is perhaps sufficient to say that he is not silent on the matter. He wants us to work with the Greys and Martians. He did not tell me that it would simply be a good idea. He conveyed the clearest concept of a command that I have ever received from any being while remote viewing.

It is not that we should cooperatively work with the ETs. Rather, we must do so.


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