Nigeria 2023: Bleak prospects of viral kleptocracy

Nigeria kleptocrats

Western clans along with their crime families in the USA, UK and European Union are always on queue to prod and rip the vassal state of Nigeria run by their yes-men.

Nigeria goes ahead to swear in ‘president elect’ Bola Tinubu

by Chin Ce for AfricaForum

In spite of active engagements by the majority of Nigerian youths, progressive political fronts and independent actors, the end of Nigeria’s Buhari regime in 2023 has not marked the end of Nigerian Kleptocracy.

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On the contrary, the rule of political, military and police formational thievery survives in a stolen presidential election where two- times INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission) chieftain, Mahmud Yakubu, superintended the most blatantly rigged and officially tampered voting in human history –a crime of proportions which prompted even former president Olusegun Obasanjo, a past- master in manipulated elections, to scold the minion Yakubu publicly in an open letter condemning the presidential election and asking for its cancellation. Yakubu did not disappoint his master Buhari who had appointed him again, and again, for helping his government to subvert the will of the people in stealing and diverting electoral mandates to the ruling party since 2019.

Nigeria Police exists for citizen molestation and brutality (c)

Army and Police threaten Opposition

Historically, this thriving political mendacity has been shored by the murderous Nigerian Army and a fatally venal Police Force who seem to exist for the sole purpose of threatening, intimidating and killing revolted citizens. Using radio, television and electronic media propaganda, these arms of government have promised to rain fire and bloodshed on anyone or group who would raise a hand of protest against the installation of their protege. The massive police deployment across the straits is in itself evidence that this was a stolen election victory and the ruling kleptocrats are mindful of serious public repercussions on their infamous May 29 installation.

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In practice, both murderous state apparati of Nigerian Army and Nigeria Police regularly execute their youths and stage extra judicial assassinations of individuals who oppose their heinous civilizational crimes. The #EndSARS hashtag movement in Nigeria has testified permanently and indelibly to Messers Buhari’s and Tinubu’s extra- judicial killings of Nigerian youths, many of whom fled in exile to escape army, police and federal government assassins simply for standing up against police brutality that had long surpassed the hated South African Apartheid regime history. And so, although the aggrieved parties swindled by the massive rigging of 2023 presidential tussle, namely Atiku Abubakar of the PDP, and Peter Obi of the Labour Party, are in Nigeria’s tribunal to seek redress, the government, exploitng deliberate constitutional lapses, still goes ahead to swear in their alleged winner of the presidential poll being Bola Tinubu, a callous mafia politician and one of the heinously corrupt oligarchs in Nigeria’s festering state of political and economic captures.

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Little Hopes for Redress

Nigeria's Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi

Aggrieved parties: Messers Atiku of PDP and Obi of LP continue the struggle at Nigeria’s electoral tribunal

The inauguration of 29th May 2023 is entirely predictable given Nigeria’s judiciary as product of the same filth and grime bequeathed by its military- imposed constitution lacking in all the safeguards of federalism or democratic nationhood. The constitution merely provides for a bulbous rubber- stamp parliament whose checks and balances against executive recklessness for several years in practice now have only revolved on how to endow their own members immunity from prosecution for their corruption and thievery as granted the hosts of Nigerian presidents, governors and their deputies.

Symmetrically the third arm of government, Nigeria’s judiciary, has become a laughably politicised ineffectual construct. Till date no Nigerian court in the history of its constitutional existence is yet to reverse the criminal vote stealing committed by the ruling party against the opposition’s widely and publicly acknowledged winner of a presidential election. The term ‘go to the courts’ has been elevated under the regime of thieves since 2019 to cynical mockery of the victim of their brigandage, knowing that the judges are usually intimidated or outright bought by the highest bidder being the government using public funds.

Shored by Tribalism, Religion, Brainwashing

Up till 2023 this vicious framework of political operation has continued to employ the bigotry of tribalism and religion, along with corrupt inducements, reverse narratives of media, and outright lies, to subvert the will of Nigerian people and brainwash their followers. Nigerians keep looking up to predatory Western nations and their media misinformation agenda for political direction. But while the current Buhari-Tinubu junta seems to be winning at the power game the result can be felt with Nigeria’s economic devolution to the poverty capital of the world, and to the millennial black man’s burden, in the eight years of continuing total misrule, while the shameless breed of politicians, currently propped by Buhari’s and Tinubu’s reprobates in the army, police and electoral commissions, celebrate and showcase their barbarism around the world.

Reverse narrative: (Yet- to- be- tried British war criminal) Tony Blair and his ‘Institute of Global Change’ will partner with Tinubu. Photo (c)

Now as Nigeria marches on every four years in retardation and political one- up- manship, Western clans with their crime families in the USA, UK, and European Union are on queue to prod and rip the captive vassal state run by their yes- men, the useful idiots of their neo colonial, globalism project for the control of Africa’s natural and human resources. As the affected generality of Nigerians mourn their loss, Neo- Nazi America and Britain, including Neo- Nazi Ukraine reeling from Russian military bombardments which continue to locate and destroy dark operations throughout the country, are early to congratulate Nigeria’s ‘president elect’ while the regime of corrupt Joe Biden sends high powered delegation to the inauguration of Tinubu, the same corrupt Nigerian official indicted since 1993 and forced to fofeit $460,000 to the same United States, according to attested court records. Ditto for Kenya’s controversial William Ruto braying in support for his Nigerian colleague in spite of African Union’s position on the embarrassing controversy of the election. It seems all vote- stealing leaders from United States’ Biden and Ukraine’s Zelensky down to Kenya’s Ruto and Canada’s Trudeau are the loudest in shoring public support for kindred kleptomaniacs in an African debacle. Nevertheless the battle for the soul of Nigeria is irreversible despite the shenanigans of these globalist agents of darkness.