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Putin fulfills Russian schoolgirl’s longtime dream When Vika saw the puppy, she burst into tears of joy, The puppy was named Umka. * OCTOBER 8. /TASS/. A schoolgirl from the western Russian city of Pskov received an Akita Inu puppy as a...

Niger republic new anthem in honour of fatherland

A bill to change the anthem to ‘The Honor of the Fatherland' from the French-composed ‘La Nigerienne’ received overwhelming support. Niger dumps colonial French anthem. shared from RT Live

Nigeria 2023: Bleak prospects of viral kleptocracy

Western clans along with their crime families in the USA, UK and European Union are always on queue to prod and rip the vassal state of Nigeria run by their yes-men. Nigeria...

‘Nigerian Kleptocracy 1966-2023’ debuts in a book

The foreword of the book collection makes mockery of the presidency of Muhammadu Buhari in its 2023 final throes with corruption and a viciously rigged presidential election being his parting legacy to the country.

Support for China protests shows US-led prison planet of Western hypocrites

While Russia is the undisputed leader of today's world of independent nations, USA has only qualified itself as leader of a decaying three dimensional prison planet of western nations in hypocrisy and double standards.

The old world is over: Russia has buried it.

New centers of power have emerged, the unipolar world order isn’t coming back, and the colonial way of thinking has failed, says Russian President Vladimir Putin. The old world is over: Key takeaways...

Can a United States administration ever probe CIA murders in Africa?

That foreign government intelligence agencies have routinely meddled in Africa by murdering citizens and enforcing regime changes to sustain their corrupt allies is common knowledge. Yet how would the alleged 'killing' of Ghana's Rawlings by CIA...

Chad: Idriss Deby’s three decades of regime sit tight

Ironically President Deby who died in battle with rebel forces after winning a supposedly democratic presidential election is being replaced by his son a military general of the Chadian armed forces.

DR Congo waking up to AstraZeneca death jab?

Several African countries have banned the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine, citing possible side effects. The move follows similar measures by European states. African countries temporarily suspend AstraZeneca vaccine

Africa Hasn’t Kickstarted Its Renewable Energy Boom – Here’s Why

Why Africa Hasn't Kickstarted Its Renewable Energy Boom by Irina Slav - Africa has a solar energy potential of as much as 1,000 GW and wind potential of 110 GW, not...
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2023 is Russia- Africa Year

The Russia–Africa partnership will be sustained through permanent political dialogue at different levels and on a variety of issues Unstoppable...
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Haiti: Kenya is a lackey of the US

Kenya like all corrupt African states is an easy pimp for United States imperialism in Africa. Proxy colonialism: The West is using this African nation...

Russia building a fairer world order

The entire planet is threatened by evil that could lead to terrible consequences for nations everywhere and Moscow is currently fighting it to standstill. 'Evil’...

OPEC will not abandon fossil fuel

Despite Western posturing on their climate change fraud anything less than free energy for the planet is beside the point. OPEC calls for rejection of...

Strategy for defeat of evil elites

Our mission is to prevent world tyranny by criminal elites. How can we do this? Simple: by exposing their true nature to humanity. This is...