Nigeria is a Kleptocracy

Nigerian Kleptocracy book by Chin Ce

A Chin Ce book restates the position of independent, non governmental actors, or patriots, about Nigeria’s constitution and practice of democracy.

The Nigerian Kleptocracy of 1966 through 2023

by Zito Brown on Africa Forum

A CHIN Ce book not only restates the position of what many independent, non governmental actors, or patriots, have said and written about Nigeria’s constitution and practice of democracy as the rule of deranged kleptocrats since 1966 but offers remedial ways out by insisting Nigerians must write another constitution, this time, neither by a plundering Nigerian military schedule nor the burgeoning corpus of thieving national assembly men and women. A people’s sovereign national constitutional conference is required to set her on a straight course of true and original self-determination.

The Nigerian Kleptocracy Compiled Writing

The Pan-African anti-Nigerian government treatise is the last of the triadic literary collection on African socio- cultural performance in the galactic evolution of Earth humanity.

A Trilogy of Criticisms

Chin Ce Triadic essays

Dissident Bards African Tyrants
Igbo Mind Music and Memory

Nigerian Kleptocracy 1966 – 2023

Chin Ce books are a select list of millennial efforts which feature trilogies of collected works. The non- fictional category of Literature and Socio- Cultural Criticism begins with Dissident Bards African Tyrants, followed with Igbo Mind Music and Memory, and culminating in The Nigerian Kleptocracy 1966-2023. This Compiled Writing has a Pan-African outlook which exposes Nigerian government heinous corruption to the world, also showcasing its disappointing performance in contemporary geo-politics.

‘By the turn of the millennium,’ notes Chin Ce, ‘Nigeria was becoming the stooge in Africa and yes-man of the collective West, while courageous nations like Senegal, Uganda, Zimbabwe and South Africa joined efforts to lead a historic alliance against nefarious, globalist agenda for the moral spiritual degradation of Earth- human species.’

Monumental fraud of the Buhari regime

Articles by the author routinely excoriate the leaderships of a ‘big- for- nothing giant of Africa’ since the 1966 coup d’ etat till, according to Ce, ‘the present era of thievery in the guise of democracy under the political hypocrite cum anti- corruption imam, Muhammadu Buhari, and his stooge- in- chief Bola Tinubu who took over the reins of a government of established kleptocrats.’ Simply put, the Buhari political regime was a fraud of democracy and the pathetic fact was it masked itself as anti- corruption government while going ahead to scam the people with unprincipled entrenchment of thieving proxies who left trillions of debts in their wake.

It is the considered opinion of the author and probably other well- meaning Nigerian independent thinkers that Nigerian leaders past and present, senators, assemblymen, state governors, local council chairs, ministries, departments, agencies all seem to be entrained in a unitarian constitutional mindset of stealing and mindless looting of the sovereign wealth.

Why Plundermania runs through generations

There are 3 reasons for the endemia of Nigeria’s rogue governments since 1966 in the words of the book series author.

The first, says Ce, is the reason of ‘over four hundred and fifty bickering ethnicities with vicious programming from traditional blood cult, ritual allegiances and imported Satanic religions of the East and West, all mutually antagonistic and competitive in their collective programming of the people into dimwitted sheepish followership of plunder, aggrandisement and violence.’

The second was ‘a scuttling of the founding legacy by the coupists of 1966 which brought graft- induced unitarian rule by intellect- retarded and predatory reptillian military lineage. The unheard- of legacy of army or, better put, armed bandits writing a constitution for the civil class could only result to something qualifying as a filthy document of centralist appropriations: the appropriation of rights and resources of indigenous cultures.

Just as the federal appropriates all rights and privileges so do the states appropriate the remnant vestiges of rights from the local councils resulting in the non existence or emasculation of people’s power of participation in governance. In a sum, the military draft constitution bequethed tyranny and mindless appropriative exploitation, stealing and aggrandisement to the oligarchs who are just they, themselves, and their civilian cronies.’

And thirdly, Chin Ce notes, ‘is the systemic emasculation of youthful energies by overturning of leadership to a specimen in gerontology. Youths are consequently left with the option of becoming sycophants of the ruling gerontocrats or inebriated touts and political killing machines of the same order. Youthful energies are either complicit as slavish facilitators of the virulent kleptomania or, at best, dissidents fleeing abroad, leaving those of us remaining with the only option to fight till the death.

Covering it all up with state- sponsored killings

As Chin Ce states: ‘The 1985 murder of Dele Giwa by the military junta of Ibrahim Babangida, the 2020 killing of hundreds of EndSARS protesters with the exile of survivors fleeing state terror unleashed by the villainous, blood- thirsty cabal of Muhammadu Buhari are two poignant and heart- wrenching cases witnessed in my generation of the wastage of our youthful population for the triumph of tyranny and oppression by Nigerian state actors. Even The Guardian, a normally complacent UK mouthpiece, did acknowledge that the army and Nigerian government continue to deny anybody was killed at Lekki tollgate, and atrocities at other demonstrations have scarcely been acknowledged.’

The Nigerian Kleptocracy 1966-2023 does not bode such pleasant book read for the Nigerian government of Muhammadu Buhari. It is a sad record of the shame as against the hope of Africa in the emerging multipolar world of truth telling to power by all enlightened peoples of the planet.