Zeta Reticulans: The vile race that infected Earth humans

Zeta reticulans

Like their deep state minions who govern US, UK and the EU their philosophy is to control all the details and events of the world. They have great ambition of power and a deep desire of supremacy of their species. Science is their religion.

Zeta Reticulan race of ETs

by Andy for Educate Yourself Web

IN TOTAL, we gathered information on about 12 different races of ETs here on earth now; the Zeta Reticulan being the most known to the public. This is the ET race we are going to describe now.

Zeta Reticulan

The Zetas are physical beings like us, that’s the reason we can see their UFOs so easily. They knew about the existence of our planet thousands of years ago, but ignored it as they hadn’t considered it as a strategic point in their plans to conquer the universe. After the first atomic bombs in 1945, they considered that our race achieved a substantial scientific advancement and started to pay us more attention.

Zeta grays: Image source meditationsources.com

Their original planet was destroyed thousands of years ago, losing a lot of their culture and spirituality. After that, a lot of changes occurred from their physical level to their views about the universe. Now they are a shadow of what they were once, a great race.

They are extremely mental beings and destroy any emotions that may arise in them- In their minds, their goal is to understand what is the greatest power of the universe and exploit it for their own benefit. They know the greatest power is Life itself, and for millenniums they have tried to find a way to create life from nothingness, but have failed to find the origin.

Having no spiritual beliefs, the truth will always escape through their fingers.- They only believe in science and believe that there is a tool or machine for everything, and believe that their minds are so great, that someday they will become like gods. They are extremely telepathic and can produce great mental waves that they use to manipulate and control weaker minds.

Their technology is based on the sub-atomic power and supra-electromagnetic transmissions used to power their transportation, weapons, and other life support machinery. They seek the cure for a constant pain. There is a deep pain in their race that they control with their powerful minds from time to time. It is not a physical or emotional pain; it is something that the human race has not experienced yet.- They think that this constant pain is what prevents their powerful minds from achieving their full capacity. Through science they are trying to find the cure for this pain and its source.

The Zetas see (Earth) humanity as a basic intelligent life form that still has their roots in animal instinct. They believe that in studying us and our animalistic nature, they will find the cure for their pain. (We believe that the pain is in reality a great inner tension between their very highly developed minds and their extremely underdeveloped hearts). Scientifically they will never find the cure they seek. As they have no spiritual values in their minds, their moral values are thin, and this allows them to control others without remorse, while their great minds shake any feeling of guilt. And with their hearts closed, they will never find fault in their ways.

Their philosophy is to control all the details and events in their lives and even their deaths if they could. They have great ambition for power and a deep desire of supremacy of their species over all others. Science is their religion and they have a deep knowledge with regard to mental evolution. What they don’t understand is that the mind can’t evolve to the supreme level without the heart. They feel emotions, but in a vibrational form, (humans can’t understand this ) and the vibration of fear is the most powerful in them.

They don’t feel love or jealousy like we humans understand those feelings. They just want to control and know everything. The Zetas are extremely curious. The only thing that has prevented them from achieving their goals with us is the presence of the more advanced extraterrestrial beings that guard our planet 24 hours a day.

We know this information is very intense and extremely scandalous, but humanity must not fear because we are not alone. There are good ETs helping us and we will write about them in the future. In the end, the Ascended Masters told us that the real battle is fought in the hearts of humanity. By following the white path of Love, Truth, and Service we can achieve victory- That’s the most powerful weapon in our arsenal.

Love and Light …

Willy and Andy.