Nigeria lost Africa’s respect due to failed leadership

Nigeria kleptocrats

Only mafia mentality could have inspired Nigeria under a serially challenged president for war with her sister state of Niger.

Lawmaker cautions Tinubu: Don’t declare war against Niger Republic to please US, France

from Nigerian media reports

JOINING the Northern cultural assembly, Arewa Forum, and senators of Northern states sharing borders with the sister republic, is Obi Aguocha, a lone voice from Nigeria southern region under the Labour Party, who has only rebukes for the unintelligent non strategic response of Ecowas- Nigeria to the internal affairs of the despoilated West Africani country Niger.

Nigerian president Tinubu by universally condemned election

Bola Tinubu’s universally condemned election as Nigeria president has yet to be legitimised by the courts as opponents and international observers claim his election was rigged and manipulated by the electoral body controlled by his ruling party.

The Labour Party lawmaker in the Nigerian lower house warns the federal government not to rush into war with Niger Republic in his bid to please the United States of America and France

“We are on the verge of being played by the US and France into going to war in defense of their interests.

“May our government not turn out to be either incompetent or vainglorious or both. Now is the time to speak out.”

An example of such non- strategic geo- political ignorance exhibited by the present illegitimate regime in Nigeria is cutting off electricity supply to Niger under a treaty that binds both countries on the lake Chad basin.

“We are intending to violate treaty obligations to supply power to Niger Republic (in return for their not damming the River Niger upstream of Kainji and Jebba) in aid of inchoate foreign policy goals and objectives,” the lawmaker warns.

“We are very broke, and can barely fund our debts to cushion the poor from severe economic hardship; the unemployed, and most especially the military to deal with multifaceted insurgence and domestic threats, yet we are roaring to go to war against the regime in Niamey.”

So far the lawmaker seems to be the.only one of their ilk who independently pointed out facts to yet another clueless Nigerian leadership that seeks legitimacy through pandering to Western military interventionism in Africa. The latest policy faux pas is coming just over ten years of the destruction of Libya and killing of strongman Ghaddafi from US and French imperialist policies in Africa.