Satan worship: Way of the religions

Zeus, Satan, as Father God

Believing that holy books are the perfect word of God is how people got tricked: Satan not only disguised himself as an angel of light, but as God.

Where do the depictions of a Father God come from?

by Kabamur Taygeta


‘He was respected as an “all father” who was chief of the gods and assigned roles to the others. Even the gods who are not his natural children address him as Father, and all the gods rise in his presence.’

Psalm 18 describes this angry God thus:

Smoke rose from his nostrils;
consuming fire came from his mouth,
buming coals blazed out of it.

Zeus or Enlil is Satan

Does this verse describe God or Satan?

Why do some scripture say “No one has ever seen God” (John 4:12) while others describe God walking among people and interacting with them (giving laws and punishments)?

Because they’re NOT all the same God.

Did you know Satan worshipers call Satan “God” and “Lord”?

Believing that holy books are perfect and have not been edited is how people got tricked. Satan not only disguised himself as an angel of light, but as God.

How do you discern the difference? By their actions.

Jesus said that his God is only love, while other verses describe God ordering murder and slavery.

It’s not the same God.

Jesus didn’t believe in human sacrifices yet the Church claims that at the time of Jesus, God needed blood? Aren’t we also taught that it was Baal who needed blood?

All Gods who walked the Earth were Anunnaki, fallen angels, pretending to be Gods.

The God of Jesus lives only within us.

Psalm 18 describes a Storm God. Zeus was called Father God. The (God of war) Storm God in mythology is Satan. This is who the elites of nations worship (building Temples, Churches and Mosques) above all.

Now who is Baal, Hadad, Zeus, or Enlil? At what point do people wake up to this madness of Father God?

The ultimate red pill for believers of religions is understanding that (at best) their holy books are a test.

These are stories of people following good and evil entities, which were combined together by elites to create a control system called religion (by whatever name).

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