Original Sin or Spiritual Decontamination Programme?


Original Sin or Full Spectrum Spiritual Decontamination Programme?

by Christed Light

What has been glibly called original sin was in actuality a cosmic anomaly.

It was an anomaly of interdimensional proportions wherein darkness as a deluge of power, of egotistical variance, and unexpected mutation, took the centre stage in the consciousness of some angels and their leadership by an archangel. The Luciferian fall is a real event in spiritual history so far back as to be lost to our collective memory.

The ripple effect invited the cosmic rumpus that needed to be resolved in the unity of the original Oneness of Source via soul energetic cleansing. Consequently every life, every sentient and non sentient being, prior to incarnation upon any part of our galaxy had agreed to be part of the resolution of this multidimensional anomaly.

And now among the Light workers is what is being called the Full Spectrum Spiritual Decontamination Programme, heretofore a process that ensures the harmonic resolution and energetic rectification of individuals and groups resident in any of the planets or dimensions of existence. These beings – ourselves and our ancestors – have wandered far from Source into several other planetary spaces or dimensions and are returning to Source through their home bases in planetary spaces or dimensions. This is the lot of every one of us in humanity.

It can be considered an important part of travel protocol which is observable even within artificial nation state borders existing round the world. Travellers returning to their home states might be deemed to have been in contact with contaminants from alien countries and so need full spectrum decontamination for proper appraisal of their conditions and subsequent acceptance into the comity and sanctuary of their erstwhile home states.

In spirit science the art of decontamination of the spirit selves will involve cleaning up your mental, astral and etheric bodies on a daily basis that ensures that the individual soul personage remains attuned to the ultimate purpose of incarnating in a human body. He maintains a correct perspective on his soul mission and at the same time honours the integrity of his God source as an unbroken inalienable connection.

Corey Goode who featured with Cobra in an interview with Rob acknowledges the validity and necessity of such spiritual and physical practice. He says full spectrum decontamination is ‘standard operating procedure for just about any group when you’re mingling with a group other than yours or you’re going out of a controlled environment into what we will call an alien environment for them.'(1)

Cobra in the same interview speaks of an infection upon the planet that had taken a eons of her descent onto the grips of the dark forces. According to him, the darkness and their agents had perpetrated their hold onto the planet by means of advanced plasma mind control artificial intelligence.

In his words ‘the living standards on the surface are artificially low also because of this. This infection creeps into the consciousness of human beings and this is why they are so depressed, so uninspired. And I would say the vast majority of human conflicts that are happening are engineered. They are not real. And this is all orchestrated by this technology.

‘Therefore during The Event or Compression breakthrough a plasma field clearing of the planet will be required to sustain an environmentally clean and free planet that has broken its past yoke of diabolism and control by cabal darkness.’

Removing the plasma grid field surrounding the planet and responsible for the backward evolution of the people of earth will achieve a state of peace and cosmic calm necessary for spiritual attainment and enlightenment so lacking in present humanity.

As Cobra explains

‘Every planet . . . and every star has a plasma field around it, and the plasma field around the sun is called the solar wind. And the plasma field around the Earth is interacting with that solar wind. The magnetic field shapes and curves the plasma entity and the plasma entity is not just particle, it’s a living being. And in the case of this solar system, the plasma being is called Yaldabaoth, the octopus entity. And there are many Light forces working on transformation of that plasma entity. It’s actually an entity which is trapped into cosmic anomaly.

‘What is happening is that the Light forces are sending energies of healing and transformation in this plasma entity and this is why the oscillation and perturbations in the solar winds are happening. And NASA has released an image or a video animation of a spiral movement of the solar wind which looks exactly like an octopus. This is scientific confirmation of the intel I have been releasing. It’s actually a living being which reacts to our cosmic winds, cosmic forces.’

Cobra continues:

‘The heliopause is the area where the solar winds, the solar plasma field and this entity meets the interstellar wind or so-called galactic consciousness. And the galactic wind, interstellar wind, is part of the galactic plasma entity which is called Pleroma in some old gnostic sources. The Pleroma is the light emanation of the Galactic Central Sun and it creates . . . It actually brings light to the whole galaxy. And this interstellar galactic field is an Ocean of Love. So when this, I would say, not-healed solar system entity, this octopus, meets the Ocean of Love, this is where the healing happens. This is one way of describing it.

‘And the region where that happens is the heliopause. This is why there is so much focus on the heliopause recently. And whatever happens there then, actually, it cascades down through the whole solar system and will eventually trigger the Event on the planet Earth. And the changes in the Earth’s magnetosphere and the Earth’s plasma field, Van Allen belts, is a direct consequence of what is happening in the heliopause right now.’

The Cleansing explains Extraterrestrial Visitors

According to Cobra, the massive participation of galactic light ships who are currently hovering our skies cloaked to physical sights and physical emanation, has the spiritual cleansing of the planet as its primary objective.

‘This is why everybody wanted to come here. This is why the Dracos came here. This is why the Orions came here. This is why the Pleiadians came here. This is why everybody wanted to be here to take part in this experience and, on a very deep level, everybody wanted to resolve this cosmic anomaly.

‘And now we’re in the final phases so why this is happening right here is the focal point of the whole galaxy to resolve this and bring the galaxy back into balance. Actually, there is an old galactic prophecy of the time when the whole galaxy will be light when the galactic network of Light will be completed and planet Earth and the solar system is the last point to be included in that galactic network of Light. And everybody’s waiting for the transformation to be completely here.’

It is hoped that the liberation of the planet will mark the full membership entry of Gaia (Earth) into the Galactic Federation of Lighted Star Beings in service of the ultimate goal of Oneness with Source which is the destination of all sentient life forms across the galaxies.

  1. (1) Full Cobra and Corey interview available here at The Portal


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