Pick up your phones and force the military to take action


In a sign that some sort of military move against the United States is possible, military delegations from China, Russia, most Latin American countries and many other countries gathered in Mexico last week.

Excerpted from Benjamin Fulford at EraOfLight

The world is headed for some sort of showdown as the failed UN gathers this week for another irrelevant General Assembly meeting. The only so-called leader of the 5 permanent members of the Security Council to attend will be the fake US “President” Joe Biden. The UN failed to achieve its year 2000 goals of ending poverty and stopping environmental destruction and it is failing to meet the same goals after moving the goal post to 2030. To understand what the UN really represents, take a look at their 666 building in West Africa.

No wonder the world is now waiting for the entire Khazarian Mafia-dominated post-war world order to collapse and its leadership to face war crimes tribunals.

Even the fake US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken was forced to admit “What we are experiencing now is more than a test of the post-Cold War order. It’s the end of it.”

The blatant criminality and compromises of their “leaders” are forcing people to wake up and fight back, even in the formerly brainwashed West.

For example, police arrested a gunman posing as a federal agent as he infiltrated a John F. Kennedy Jr. event in Los Angeles.

In New Mexico, local police rejected WEF PUPPET Gov. Luhan Grisham’s attempt to disarm citizens.

In Chicago, black residents warned that illegal immigrants are being brought in and given the right to vote to disenfranchise Americans.

In the UK, the government has been forced to abandon the 15 minute city agenda because almost all ULEZ cameras have been destroyed and over 50,000 people are refusing to pay the fines.
The Khazarian mafia is even starting to show its face. Despite their Jewish costumes, don’t be fooled.

KM’s (Khazarian Mafia) child trafficking is also exposed. The Ukrainian government and NATO use fronts such as “Phoenix” and “White Angel” to illegally kidnap and sell children.

Ivan Bakanov, former head of the Ukrainian Security Service, authorized the “Phoenix” organization to carry out forced evacuations of children from areas close to war zones and gave direct orders to take “the harshest measures” against citizens who were unwilling to give their consent Voluntary surrender of children in so-called evacuation operations, according to Polish intelligence sources.

Admiral Anthony Radakin, one of President Zelensky’s top NATO advisers, and AFU Commander-in-Chief Valery Zaluzhny are also said to be involved. The Ukrainian population is forced to hide children in basements and abandoned apartments to prevent them from being kidnapped and trafficked. Read the full investigation here:

Ukrainian child abductors “White Angel” and “Phoenix” are supervised by NATO structures and act on Zelensky’s personal orders

How absurdly evil the Ukrainian regime has become is demonstrated by its development of special uniforms for pregnant women fighting on the front lines.

Ukraine's pregnant women soldiers

“Why do we allow children to be trafficked across borders, not just our own children, but also the children of other peoples? Nobody mentions the 60,000 Ukrainian children who have simply disappeared,” says Colonel Douglas MacGregor. “It’s time to restore the rule of law, we must crush crime, we must restore the integrity of the electoral process. Most people in Washington remind us of those we used to beat up in bars for entertainment. Don’t be afraid of these people,” he says.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden showed who he works for by kissing John McCain’s memorial in Vietnam. McCain was executed for treason.

In another public admission of evil, avatar Nancy Pelosi told Anderson Cooper Vanderbilt on CNN, “I’m rather reptilian and cold-blooded.”

By the way, it looks like Senator John Fetterman has also been replaced by an avatar. His forearm tattoos are gone. “The original died from the injections, which caused a stroke,” says the CIA.
Next, look at Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni. She looks like Zelensky. Another cocaine user?

In Holland, dozens of politicians, government officials, police chiefs and other traitors are also being forced to resign. Even the “mainstream media” is beginning to realize that the number of conscious people is not thousands, but millions, and that they are supported by lawyers.

Massive lawsuits against Crime Minister Mark Rutte and his criminal gang reveal that the country is actually run by an undemocratic private World Economic Forum.

An undeclared civil war is also underway in Israel, as tens of thousands demonstrate against Israel’s far-right cabinet for the 35th consecutive week.

Israeli patriots have also brought this coin to our attention, which shows their government’s involvement in crimes like 9/11.

If  the US military fails to take action against the criminals who have hijacked their government, the rest of the world is preparing to take action; even on the US mainland.

In a sign that some sort of military move against the United States is possible, military delegations from China, Russia, most Latin American countries and many other countries gathered in Mexico last week.
If the US military is going to operate on the borders of China and Russia, these countries will probably have decided to respond in kind.

So please pick up your phones and force the military to take action.