democracy America CIA dictatorship

Waging war on truth-tellers

This mirrors attempts throughout history by bureaucrats seeking, and failing, to criminalize speech that reveals their own failings.
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West’s support for China protests shows USA leads a prison planet of western hypocrites

While Russia is the undisputed leader of today's world of independent nations, USA has only qualified...
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The Unveiling of African Robot Omeife

It was designed as an Igbo female capable of speaking eight of the most spoken languages in Africa, along with a...

President Putin has destroyed the imperialist giant with feet of clay

American empire is all based on the virtual reality of Psyops, not on reality. And the real rock of Russia is hitting...

‘You no longer need a guru, master or saint’

What you need is the awareness of your inherent strength and power; then your life will happen the way you intended...

UkroNazi Dirty Bomb Trick: Are they really that crazy? Or the role of hatred in this war

Hatred is the glue which holds together the entire AngloZionist Hegemony. And the most hated target of this Hegemony is, of course,...