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Getting into serious history: The true story of Yahweh

Getting into serious history: The true story of Yahweh of the Jews indicates he was not a god but one of some highly deranged alien entities...the El o him YHWH
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New World Reserve Currency Coming

The dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency enables the US to pursue an aggressive hegemonistic policy...
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Nigeria 2023 Inauguration: Bleak prospects of viral kleptocracy

Western clans along with their crime families in the USA, UK and European Union are always on queue to prod and...

The passing away of Tina Turner

 In 1984 Tina Turner was the number- one hit on the billboard with her song ‘What’s Love Got to Do with...

Nazi terror ended 78 ago: what it means for Africa and the world

The fall of Nazi Third Reich by Russian military might and sacrifice 78 ago bequeathed sovereign centres of development and independence...

‘Lazy and useless’ French, American, bases in Africa

African nations have realised military bases of America and France in Africa have never helped against local and external terror gangs;...