Kagame: Masking his tyranny and state murders in Rwanda

The Kagame regime in Rwanda has almost masked its official state sponsored disappearances and downright murder of citizens deemed antagonistic to the government. 'Hotel Rwanda’ Hero Is President Kagame’s Latest Target
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Warning: United States planning to steal TikTok from Chinese owners

Washington’s posturing on TikTok is like that of a gangster: “You’ve got a nice social media app...
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‘The great solar flare is indeed coming’

The entire Earth-facing part of the sun is currently charged with super-high energy, and some of these sunspots exhibit ‘beta-gamma-delta’ magnetic...

Nigeria Elections 2023: Rigging is what kleptocratic government does best

2023 Presidential Elections show how Nigeria's kleptocracy continues to masquerade as American-style oligarchy aided by compromised election and judicial bodies ...

High-Frequency Quantum Energies Coming to Earth

Now we have a choice – which timeline to follow, which people to communicate with, what relationships to build, what kind...

Americans love violence: (it’s in their worship of Satan)

The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has never yet melted. Fearful Of...