The Cleansing: what it is all about


Extra Terrestrial Group Consciousness speaks on coming planetary shift (1)

‘Planetary cleansing cannot be avoided (but) the amount of destruction can be lessened by reducing the bombardment of negativity and the scope of its effects (on all lives within your Mother Earth),’ say Lazarus, a group energy of extra terrestrial origin working to help our planetary evolution out of third density.

‘Performing this service is an assignment that we (the Light Forces) undertake with enthusiasm!

‘Our message is to explain what caused the negativity, why it must be eliminated, and to help you prepare spiritually for the changes the cleansing will bring.

‘The god that Creator selected to rule this universe is called God and other names, but we shall Him God with respect to your familiarity with that name.

‘There are enemies of God that are violent, and although less powerful than God, they are formidable indeed. God is light and the enemies are the opposite, so they can be appropriately called the “dark forces.”

‘The forces’ energy that is prevalent in your world caused the negativity that has drowned souls’ consciousness and prevented their evolution towards the light.

‘The enormity of the cleansing required to eliminate the negativity is considerable in this unprecedented time in Earth’s history, and spiritual preparation for this process requires forthcoming revelations that may be shocking.

‘If fear is your first reaction, do not think it is your fault. The dark forces are ever near to instil fear of God within you –NEVER is there a reason to fear God! You need not fear the dark forces either, as the Christed light within your soul can shatter their effects and illuminate your pathway.

‘That light is your connection to the Almighty Oneness that never was broken, only forgotten by you.

‘Energy is totally neutral, but by dark design, negatively charged energy, more simply called negativity, is violent and destructive. Energy is indestructible, so the only way to dissipate negativity, which stores itself in such tight mass that it can kill a planet, is to dislodge it and transmute it into light.

‘Doing so is what the cleansing, or “the shift” is all about.

‘The negativity polluting Earth has come from millennia of her inhabitants’ fear, greed, brutality, and rambunctious sexual behaviours, corruption in your leaders, deceit from your churches, foul education of young minds.

‘This, dear ones, is pollution of the most vicious nature! Earth is a sentient being, a loving soul and she was in despair because her planet body was dying from the negativity that was created by the energy charges of those vicious thoughts, intentions and deeds.

‘God, in His infinite love and wisdom and power, decreed that Earth shall NOT BE KILLED as other planets and their civilizations have been. The salvation of Earth and YOU is the reason for the cleansing! It will raise the consciousness of souls on the planet, uplift earth souls from despair and restore her body to the original health, purity and beauty.

‘You think of “natural disasters” as not affecting you if they are far away, but each jolts of Earths’ crusts and her interior created changes in your psyche and every cell of your body.

‘These connections are by the universal laws that you agreed upon in antiquity. How so? Some of you believe in reincarnation, others scoff at in. Well, scoffing does not change the fact of multiple lifetimes in physical form, some different from human, that all souls need for returning to their Beginnings in the Almighty Oneness.

‘We are not the only ones eager to help you and your Mother Earth continue on the ascension journey. Others in flagships and mother ships have been present on your atmosphere for well over half a century of your years.

‘While some of these beings are mainly curious about the drama unfolding in this solar system, most are friends who have come to your rescue! Like we, they come only with love and peaceful intent to assist you and Earth!

‘Through the influence of the dark forces, the ones among you who are responsible for hiding the truths also have the intention to enslave your body, mind and soul.

‘Your governments have been betraying you and your religions have been so infiltrated that the true message given by God’s major messenger, Jesus the Christ, have been deliberately distorted by the story of the cross and resurrection.

‘The message that Jesus brought directly form God was that you are part of God—NEVER separate, only individual in a body for living and learning.’


  • Note
  • (1) All statements are taken from Revelations for a New Era – a Matthew book with Suzanne Ward. Get a copy here


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