What’s Behind Your Illusion of Realism?


Fear is behind your illusion of realism. You fear you will not be what you call realistic. You call arduous realistic. You call painful realistic. You call illness realistic. You call disappointment realistic.


Anything is Possible Right Now, God says

A Heavenletter # 6305

God said: Instead of crying wolf, say to yourself: “I’m the luckiest person in the world.” This won’t hurt you one bit!

You fear you will not be what you call realistic. You call arduous realistic. You call painful realistic. You call illness realistic. You call disappointment realistic.

This is the world as you see it.

There is nothing objective about your appraisal. You think you are being objective when you are being subjective. This is your picture of realism, like those dark somber novels. Your life seems to follow abject matters. You may qualify that which you don’t really want as undeserved perhaps, yet, nevertheless, what you are bound to get. Yes, what you affirm, you continue to get.

Why highlight what you don’t desire?

If you fell into a pit, would you remind yourself daily that you are at the bottom of a pit, or would you climb out of it? I am sure you would begin to climb out. Under some circumstances, there could be times when you might despair and give in, give up. Who said you have to concede defeat?

And so in life, when you affirm difficulties as realistic, you are really kidding yourself. What you call realistic is not realistic. It is pessimistic.

Beloved, what you may call realistic is like spoiled food. The difference is that you don’t keep reheating and eating spoiled food. With spoiled food, you know when enough is enough. You accept that spoiled food is something to stay away from.

You desire good fortune, yet you may call misfortune to you. Misfortune is uppermost in your mind. You repeat misfortune’s name. You become a buddy to misfortune. You and misfortune become cohorts. You back up misfortune as though you are here on Earth to rally around what you don’t really want and abet it. You invite it. You make sure that misfortune pays attention to you.
You say to yourself: “Foiled again.” You say: “My fate has been sealed.” You say: “This is how life is. I will be realistic.”

And so you pay homage to what you prefer not to have.
You say: “Misfortune – get back here.” You say: “You are my windfall.” And you pat yourself on your back for being gracious to misfortune.
Do you begin to see that your form of realism is to throw bouquets of roses to the bad guys?

Throw bouquets to Good Fortune. If you truly want to be realistic, no longer promote the past.

Think straight. No longer sell yourself a bill of goods. No longer take pride in what you call realism.

Beloved, better to open your doors wide to new opportunity. Open your eyes. Open your ears. Open your heart. Dare to change your thinking.

Embrace good fortune, and good fortune will embrace you. You are not misfortune’s only bed mate.

Of course, you desire fulfillment. What do you need with what you call realism? What is this small point of pride worth to you? It is rather a hindrance to you.

Beloved, instead of craving realism, crave what is of good value to you. Happiness hasn’t been ordained to be withheld from you. Hedge your bets. Cultivate what you desire.

Happiness is a realistic desire. Offer yourself happiness. Beckon your dreams to you. Desire what your heart desires and not what your intellect repeats

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