The Writer in Galactic Humanity


Neither seek nor trot the globe for celebrity status by your work otherwise you suit yourself within the group consciousness of humans parading transitional society in tattered litters of glorified feathers, just for a sense of achievement.

Knowing what truly makes sense in life from what doesn’t

by Chin Ce

The awareness of humanity beyond the galaxies arises when a collective average has taken the responsibility to funnel into human expression the collective destiny of looking beyond our material and intellectual reservoirs to honour the spiritual skills that had forged our existence in antiquity.
And if you are a writer… If you are a conscious artist… If you are passionate about your creativity, or the power of your vision, then this must be known, and remembered, and integrated, into cellular memory, from such point forwards in subsequent creative evolution:

In the beginning when each of us chose to become a composer, an artist, a scientist or a writer of purpose and vision, among other creative options, it was known we would be guided by Higher Universal Powers.
It was not meant to – and mustn’t necessarily have to – be solely for your own financial gain. Service to self has always been the pathway of a negatively polarised mind-body-spirit complexes. The bards, like Everyman, were generally – yes generally – short of easy cash in dominantly materialist societies that had manipulatively fashioned skewed baiting platforms for creativity, we had known this before now.

It was not meant to – and mustn’t even have to  – be just for the fun or the fame. Many true greats had looked beneath social systems foisted through millennia of degenerate order, only holding recognition in the conscious remembrance of fellow greats and, other times, well after their exit from the world’s stage, you might also be aware of this.

True creator is really no celebrity!

This is not selling yourself short. But you could neither seek nor trot the globe for celebrity status by your work, otherwise you suit yourself within the group consciousness of humans parading transitional society in tattered litters of glorified feathers, just for a sense of achievement.
No. You are inexorably drawn to activity, observation, rumination, and explication of nature and of humanity. That seems much like the domain of all philosopher-artists in the expansion of creative dimensions and meaning of existence, doesn’t it? But that’s just who you are: the philosophic wisdom imbued co-creator of divine universes.
And, if you are further along your evolutionary progress, you will integrate the introspection of nature and humankind into your own originary essence which, simply put, is your propagation of your eternal and inalienable divinity.

It shouldn’t take a lifetime of academic exercise!

In fact, to be good at anything requires just about a standard high for enough training. Those strings of titles that attract many to contemporary Ivory towers would definitely ruin your creative ingenuity for good.
And why is that?
Because the meddling or peddling in so called intellection, with the attendant arrogance it infests the victim, is sure killer of instinct and soul awareness. Academics are regularly inebriated in labyrinths of duality, the main limitation factor of third dimensional experiencing. Their minds seem forever caught in the web of uncertainty and complexes of inadequacies. Theories are entrenched, often hardly reversible, by authoritarian prejudice within which group members are powerless to disprove. Their minds seek illumination perennially from the outside and not from within.

Which is it: the world without, or the world within?

Now, that which subsists within is activated and sourced from the feeling centre of awareness. Mainly silent, inclusive, and resonant to subtler faculties, the empathic, which is the emotive, holds the key, the ingredient, of any creative enterprise worth the calling. If it does not seem obvious why intellect alone makes generally poor creative resource, it is because it employs every medium to garner for itself what can only constitute public relational amplification of its own mere doggedness. Such elevation of mediocrity to genius is the Anglo Saxon (British-American) world order that has come to an end for us all in the new galactic humanity.

Contrary to mainstream propaganda European liberalism or the American way was Western civilisation’s rutted path, mind controlling you to grow rich, famous and always on top of the food chain, which sums up as predation of the worst, mutual assured, soul desecration. The roll call of that decadent order had spanned ancient Atlantean, Lemurian, Sumerian, Egyptian, Greco-Roman and modern Anglo-American civilisations, self destructing each epoch. It was a call of mind over matter.
But creative genius, for the new galactic humanity, is calling the soul for liberation along a path which was never meant as avenue for intellectual, social or cultural hegemony.

Soul creativity transcends the immediate physical barriers of space, going far beyond the reaches of the environment. A good writer, who often is called to her art, understands the passion of creative inspiration. Hers is an outlet that must be expressed into the birthing of that compelling vision and individuality of expression which resonate only to higher consciousness.

A writer comes truly made

A writer comes made for higher truths. Hers is a living calling which does not entail too much looking back at comfort zones, at public opinion, and certainly not at the perception of people around her who could never understand this divine call to be the master of the voice.

Because a writer works for advancement of humanity, her vision cannot be prescribed for her by society, particularly society steeped in the wolf chase of gains to self and familial pack.

The writer’s self is the greater self, her family is the galactic family, her evolution is the collective’s, and her awareness flowers ahead as it taps into the continuum from which her works had readily arisen in furtherance of the collective evolution of myriad species of humanity.

That soul advancement, also expressed as soul ascension, is the movement toward remembering what has all along been here within reach, understanding what is the right purpose, and consciously recalibrating our individual roles in the greater existence and experience of All That Is. The world needs more individuals who will bring through those high frequency energies that co-create with you when you are in your own personal zone.


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