What is Putin up to? – a reader asked Matthew


Vladimir Putin is one of the principals cooperating behind closed doors to end the international web of heinous Illuminati activities.

What is Putin up to? Truth versus Illuminati Deception

from Matthew via Suzanne Ward

A reader has asked the question: There are some good signs that positive things are starting but then there is Putin and Russian trolls controlling the media news.

What is Putin up to? I know Matthew has said he is not a part of the Cabal but he seems to be able to kill without remorse or thought. Not what one would call a good guy! Could he comment about what is happening there?

And this is what Matthew reveals: President Putin has done some unsavory things, to be sure, but he is not guilty of the many accusations promulgated by the Illuminati in retaliation for his refusal to cooperate with them.

In most cases their minions have been responsible for what they have attributed to him or his country—recently it was meddling in other countries’ elections and the poisoning of a father and daughter in the United Kingdom.

Putin is justified in denying involvement, but global opinion is ‘guilty as charged,’ the verdict pronounced by the Illuminati.

And, pointing a finger at Russian trolls for influencing people’s opinions and exacerbating divisiveness is giving the trolls credit for what the Illuminati are doing via their politicians and corrupted mainstream and social media.

Putin does not want a cold war, much less ‘hot’ ones that they want the West to wage with Russia and Iran and perhaps North Korea.

The Illuminati will try however they can to prevent a peaceful outcome of multinational talks.

Not only do battlefields need the machinery of war manufactured by their corporations, but they need the low vibrations of violence and fear to sustain their very existence.

Thus, punishing the Russian president for what he wouldn’t do for them has become what he is doing to them.

Vladimir Putin is one of the principals cooperating behind closed doors to end their international web of heinous activities, hold them legally accountable, and achieve a world at peace.


‘Storm before the calm’ ushering world changes

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew.

We thank the reader who listed several areas wherein she sees progress, then wrote: ‘So thank you for helping us all stay the course, keep finding our optimism, and keep working for the world we know is possible!’

Because optimism is light-filled, it plays a vital role in a society’s evolvement, and people who view the world as tumultuous and fearful rarely can feel optimistic about what is to come.

They don’t know that what they see as upheaval is the clashing of low vibrations with high and the latter are gaining dominance on the way to prevailing overall. They don’t know that this “storm before the calm,” so to say, is purposeful, it is ushering in powerful changes worldwide.

You do know this, and talking with people about substantive changes afoot is a splendid way to let the light of your optimism shine into their lives.

There are heartening stories in Internet articles and some publications, and evidence is close to home, too. Growing numbers of community groups are uplifting the lives of those nearby who are in need and are supporting local visionary leadership.

World transformation doesn’t trickle down from national governments, dear family—it starts with you, your friends and neighbors and soars upward.

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