What you probably never knew about animal life


by Matthew Ward in Nirvana

More about animals:

Lower animal life forms evolve into higher animal life forms. By and large there is a pathway that animal energy follows in its spiritual and intelligence progression, and even minute insect energy travels from point A to Z in its growth. 

Animal energy doesn’t always embody in animal form, but it can do so for many lifetimes while learning to recognize its value in the Oneness of All. Creator’s light essence is the source of all manifesting energy, and just as human lives are sacred and inviolate soul selves, so are the lives of all animals.

Each animal soul comes to Nirvana after its earth lifetime ends and, like human soul, it chooses its next embodiment based on its past lifetime experiences. As an animal acquires greater intelligence, it also gains awareness of its inseparability of all life and the direct connection of all with God and Creator.

This is no less true of the few species whose current instincts can’t be adapted for living in this realm, as the rest of animal life can. This is not about animal evolution, but the dark ones’ cruel experiments that deliberately created ferocity in the animal kingdom. Although creational energy comes from Creator, intelligence and spiritual awareness is a different matter – – it is the intention of the designer of any life form that generates and delineates its energy usage.

The fossils uncovered on Earth by no means represent the only animals that live there long, long ago. In the very beginning of animal life on the planet, all species had a mild and mannerly nature. 

Later, due to vile experiments as the dark forces abused free will, animal design fell into lower density where ferocity could be manifested and sustained. The creation of the first fierce specie destroyed the animal energy balance that had been prevailing within the light, wherein all is balance. 

Once the polarity of fierceness and gentleness was established, the ‘natural enemies’ concept formed the two extremes in animal natures. Although the creatures developed by dark intent aren’t in your recorded history, some of them are depicted in mythology as grotesque monsters on land or in the sea.

The dark designers didn’t confine their horrible creations to huge animals. They also made fleas, for instance. Fleas always were meant to be only an abomination, ranging from annoyance for the animals they infest to the diseases they initiate or spread. An even more harmful intention was behind the design of the tiniest life forms, the microbes, whose purpose was to create havoc of immeasurable impact among all other life forms.

In their evolution, some animals may have a human soul source. Although most do not, some in the higher orders may derive from a human soul that wishes to experience as an animal to fill a niche in the growth pathway that such a life would enable. If so, usually the choice would be among animal species that most often are treated with mercy and caring rather than those who are treated miserably or are raised only for food or whose lives are untouched by humans.

I’ll give you an analogy of how a soul can direct an energy stream to initiate an animal – or human – lifetime. Think of the soul as a pond into which you toss a pebble and see how sun rays upon the rippling water create countless points of light. 

The refraction of light and the energy in the ripples represent human soul energy streams that may be used to manifest any number of animal and human lifetimes, whatever the soul chooses to achieve balance.

All of this takes place in the continuum where all those lifetimes are happening simultaneously.

pp 128-130 Revelations for a New Era. A Matthew book with Suzanne Ward


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