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Opportunities to light your way through the darkness abound but you must understand the principle behind life’s struggles.

New direction opens up for internet users via blockchain and social media

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In today’s world, no matter the physical environment you find yourself, you are being forced to lean away from your governments and the methods they employ to manipulate you.

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Opportunities to light your way through the darkness abound in contrariness to evident hypes from many quarters. You must nevertheless understand the one good principle behind life’s struggles between the Light and the Darkness.

The good news is that the harder the dark Satanic forces who infiltrate governments and decision making centres of nations strive to keep people in poverty and ruin in order to make them malleable, divided and easy to conquer, the harder also and more creatively the Light forces strive to awaken the people.

The light warriors offer us opportunities to counter the darkness, providing freedom, enjoyment of earned wealth, health and liberty for all who dare to succeed and triumph by being different from the circus.

Educate Yourself: Be Open to Guidance

It has been argued that the world wide web was indeed turned around to become a hub of ideas for galactic humanity. The cabal controllers had hoped to reap the harvest of a controlled sheepie- folk to become the sole shepherds of the human flock here on Earth.

Rather than a tool for sharing their so- tagged research findings the internet however was quickly overtaken by millions of awakening citizens of the world’s nations to share the light of awareness. So we now use it to counteract their total control of Earth humans bred in ignorance and perpetually in the dark about their extra terrestrial origins from among the stars.

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For you reading this you can let it be for you a beehive of information access, freedom of ideas and mental liberation if you will get a mobile phone and access to data from wherever your location. You can then earn your way through life with lots of open guidance opportunity that abound in the present age of internet traffic and seamless online interactions.

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