Fact Points for the Awakening


Here are some points of facts to note if you are one of the growing numbers of Earth humans awakening to the control game going on before your very eyes in the world you live today.

The real world isn’t how it is presented to you

Africa Forum Editions – Fact points

Take back your money: Go crypto!

Avoid government- and bank- issued digital coins as they try to erase your access to cash. The control of money by government through their central or reserve banks was one of the earliest steps they had taken in preparation for an age of their controlled human guinea pigs happening right now.

With government’s increased capacity of limiting or eviscerating your access to cash using their digital coins, your financial independence is demobilised, and you are prevented from ever reaching your potentials or dreams of self- actualisation. You remain as they wish: a livestock in their botanical garden to be used, fed upon and finally trashed.

Governments are the Criminal Mafia:

In the era of so-called globalism we discover that under your very nose government has stolen your right to determine your education, health, food, water, or travel needs. Using their plethora of institutes, agencies and organisations, government wants to know and dictate whom you talk to, who you send money to, where you receive money and what you spend it on, or whom you do business with.

Nowadays European and American totalitarian regimes masking as democracies can blacklist individuals or nations arbitrarily; they can seize your property for belonging to the wrong nation.

They wage War on Truth and Citizens:

The incarceration and campaign of calumny meted on truth- tellers and whistle- blowers such as David Icke and Julian Assange speaks volumes of the so- called democracies of United States, Britain and Europe and their war on truth tellers. The campaign against holders of Nigerian passports by Europeans and Americans, using their media, their economic and tourist strangleholds, was not so much for evidence of wrong doings singularly by nationals of that particular region as their phobia for the most populous African nation that could probably tether out of their control in world affairs.

Ukraine is Western Propaganda:

The war in Ukraine has helped to awaken millions of human beings who signalled to wake up indeed.

The Ukraine conundrum has become a Truth versus Propaganda conflict, not due to Russia’s aggression as the Western media have hyped and lied everyday. It is actually an operation by Russia to destroy systemic desecration of our world by neo- Nazis of America and Europe who since decades have been doing child trafficking and monumental evil in their deep underground labs, experimenting on human beings and trading on human body parts, with Ukraine at the centre of this monstrosity.

The diabolism of these criminals are undersigned by their partners and mentors being globalists-led United States, UK and the EU.

The Terrorists are in Governments:

These corrupt government cabals would claim they are fighting terrorism while deploying their own network of financial terror against you. But check the established religious terrorists of the world: ISIS, Taliban, Al Qaeda, etc, and you will find the United States and the British, including the EU embedded in sponsoring and helping these same networks against other nations.

Several reports from sub Saharan Africa expose how federal and local governments of Nigeria sponsored Boko Haram and Fulani herder-terrorists, protected their members and enabled their abductions of school children. So wake up if you will. Your free will choice is yours.

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