‘You no longer need a guru, master or saint’


What you need is the awareness of your inherent strength and power; then your life will happen the way you intended it to happen before you were born. For God is the power that works through you

Message from God: What You Need Now?

by EraOfLight

Meditate, pray, practice your spiritual exercises, but life happens far beyond that.

Begin to put into practice the knowledge you have acquired and the insights you have gained! Always go from the inside to the outside, that is the way.

Image courtesy: EraofLight.com

Beloved human being,

Slowly you understand how important you are. Slowly you realize that it depends on your contribution in this great cosmic and final game on Earth. Without you, the ascension cannot succeed, without you, nothing will happen that will change the world for the better.

So take even more courage to stand up for yourself and for life – wherever you can and wherever you are called upon. In doing so, rely completely on the guidance of God, who I am.

You no longer need a guru, earthly masters or so-called saints. What you need is the awareness of your inherent strength, power and strength.

Then your life will happen the way you intended it to happen before you were born.

Never refer to or invoke others, but refer to and invoke only God – God who is alive in you, God who reveals Himself in man through right thinking, right speaking and right acting. Let yourself now be completely committed to God! Not you think, but God thinks in you, not you speak, but God speaks through you, and not you act, but God is the power that works through you.

In this way you are recognized and you recognize yourself.

The love and light of God that emanates from you will reach people’s hearts. By your example, they will see that it is possible to throw off the conditionings of this matrix.

Examine with God

After you have realized who you are, let people participate in it. Experience what you have come to do and let it happen. Your part is essential now, because only through it can change and successful transformation happen.

Find the way to yourself so that people can find you, light your light so that people can see it, and receive God in your heart.

Never assume that you are a lost cause, a lonely cryer in the wilderness or a lone fighter of a lost cause. This error, this doubt, you shall now cast off once and for all.

Just forget what your mind suggests to you and what your ego imagines. From now on, refer to your omniscient divine consciousness in every decision! Check with God and you will never go wrong.

Let the things come to you, let also the people find you. Your search is over, for you have found yourself and God. There is nothing more to do.

Now rise up and be who you are – according to your orders and visible to people.

You are infinitely loved,

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation into English by EraofLight.com