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Gary Carlson takes soul reading to a whole new level of friendly encounter!

by Christed Light
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American intuitive mogul has developed a simple technique for reading your soul score and karma footprints.

He is one man among millions of evolving co travellers and yet he lays claims to giving Lightworkers perspectives on their soul mission and current status in the cosmic journey of humankind.

It might take less than one week of contact to get an answer from Gary Peter Carlson who has made soul and life report seem so easy to some, and unbelievable to others. For such growing number of Lightworkers across the hemisphere, Gary might be fake, or might just be real, depending on one’s level of acceptance and psychology with strange, new reality.

Processing or accepting new information by individuals is subject to their varied perspectives upon truth, long held beliefs, and what might be paramount to their own convictions, such as ushering a new paradigm for the spiritual golden age of humanity – the point of our current planetary life work.

Hence the results of Gary’s pendulum system of soul report are no different from those channelled downloads to persons or collective humans across the alternate media. By default these have to be taken with utmost discretion and discernment. My own personal take has always been that, contrary to Satanic Abrahamic doctrines, God has neither reason to and does not (!) test any human for his faith. Nor should we. So then let all ones be known by the fruits of their work.

Gary even warns against cross checking his methodology: ‘The pendulum is not allowed to be tested, the spirits will purposely fail almost all tests. That’s just their spiritual rules that I don’t like. All spiritual information needs to be taken on faith, that is the rule that I don’t like (too). I constantly pray to God to be able to get proof on things, but so far I can’t.’

For there to be no proof, but only faith, in your dealing with Gary would sound pretty much like deception in the works. Gary is honest or at worst disingenuous in his disclaimer beforehand: ‘…if you ask for your soul report and get it, then use a different email address and use your other name and ask again, the next report might be a lie or close to the same and you could say I’m a fraud, but that’s just the spiritual rules and although I try to be careful, I can get a negative entity and get misinformation too.’

Does this ring true or false?

Somehow Gary’s talks and interviews retain some friendship and straightforward quality. He appears a keen listener, in keeping to his business, his work, from his domicile in Long Beach California where he attends to an average of one hundred and thirty two emails a week from people around the world, as he alleges.

Like many a specialist or busy inventor, he has only concentration upon the present moment and a little amnesia about events in the immediate timeline of past reckoning. So don’t expect Gary if you met him after some days to remember the contents of his last report on you!

Nevertheless, Gary Carlson is providing readings for an admirer and supporter willing to part with a few bucks. Such folks might be seeking a clearer direction about happenings in their lives, their countries and the cultures in which they find themselves with regard to coming planetary changes.

Gary agrees that the long expected change all round our planet involves taking down Reptilian stooges of the darkness called by various names such as the cabal, illuminati, reptilians, dark forces, oppressors, Babylon system, capitalists, royalty and ancient nobility.

The changes will lead to Full Disclosure of human origins from beyond the stars, cognising the ancient teachings of Ascended Masters, and the release of advanced technologies given by extra terrestrial civilisations who are forebears of Earth humans.

Ultimately the paradigm shift will bring mankind’s universal brothers and sisters into full contact with their Earth progeny. It will inaugurate a golden age of true spiritual living in the preeminence of love and peace over power and control, which is the old game played by low souls who fill up world politics, religion, banking and public administration.

Equally the changing paradigm will mark an era devoid of the withholding of advanced technology and pernicious lies by the noisy religions regarding the history of the world and truth of human origins.

A word on Africa

Gary Carlson has this to say about the black man’s burden in a history of hostility, conflict, barbaric wars and blindfolded ignorance of common origins:

‘The evil people with Reptilian souls are robbing Africa of its assets. They make sure most of the countries are run by people with Reptilian souls, that will do what the USA tells them and the leaders get rich and the people suffer.’

These words should invite serious consideration, considering the tyranny that continues to haunt the administration of black nations all over the continent. Despots from military dictators to civilian turncoats have had the support of Western countries like Britain and the United States. It has baffled historians how Western nations have kept on the evil practice of giving tacit encouragement to the robbing and pauperising of African people by dictators of every military and pseudo democratic governments in Nigeria, Congo, Burundi Uganda, Zimbabwe and Kenya – to mention but a handful of the most horrific examples in our world today.

Gary also talks about the colonial encounter between Africa and the West in a unique way of using the karma pendulum he invented:

‘More than hundred years now, white women with Reptilian souls were sent to Africa and the black people in power were bribed to marry them and produce children half black and half white with Reptilian souls (DNA). Then other black men in power were also bribed to marry those female children when they grew up, producing children 3/4ths black and 1/4 white with Reptilian souls.

‘Then the same next generation and soon there were many people with Reptilian souls, that were almost all black with Reptilian souls and they were put into power and the country was ruled by people with Reptilian souls, with support from the west.

‘They will never give up power and are given money from the west and they rob their own country and let the people suffer, but do what the west wants them to do. This is why most of Africa is in poverty.’

Adding his voice, using his talent

With the aim of inviting visitors to ‘check your soul’ status and request karma reports, Gary makes bold to cut into online comments threads and dialogues exposing the lies of America’s political leaders, many of whom he describes as having Reptilian souls. His interviews contribute to ongoing debates about ridding our planet of evil Luciferian codes of service to self embedded in all major institutions of the world.

Through this process Gary is adding his voice and using his talents to solicit upon the soul status of known personages whose writings, research and channelled information have cast more light upon the destiny of humankind than the activities of a closed scientific community, or the grandstanding political elites ruling a world of spiritual ignoramuses.

This spiritual take on human affairs is built on one important premise of third density experiencing, being the polarity of the negative and positive forces, the ascending and descending pull which characterise incarnate life in a third density planet.

Clearly stated, it is the forces of lower Reptilian dark souls and their human pawns acting out a script in devolving of soul personages through several million years of life upon our living planet Earth, or Gaia in the correct spiritual terminology.

Gary believes his website is fulfilling its three main purposes, which are to teach spiritual facts, to help end this negative control of Humanity, and to offer you personalized help in raising your spirituality.

His argument, copied from the Law of One Teachings, is that God sends Wanderers to Earth to help teach spirituality. In his words, a Wanderer is a soul that has gone through this third density (that you and I are in) thousands of years ago, then made ascension to fifth density, went through that and then ascended to sixth density.

‘When the person reaches a quarter of their way through the sixth density, or three quarters of the way through fifth density, they can make a contract with God (if qualified) to help an unknown (to us) planet with spirituality for about .97 cycles or 25,239 years.’

Gary asserts that there are a little over 75 million of Wanderer souls here on Gaia (planet Earth). ‘We have different spiritual skills and we look the same as everyone else but we have in common a burning desire to raise the spirituality of those around us.

‘To increase your spirituality or raise your soul score, simply put out more Love and Service to Others. Every little thing counts. For instance, don’t waste water. Shut it off while you’re brushing your teeth and turn it back on when you’re done. Someone had to work to get that clean water to you; if you waste it, more work needs to be done.

‘If you’re driving and come to the red light and plan on going straight but you can see the driver behind you wants to turn right, move a little left so he can go by you on the right.

‘If you’re in the line at the store with many people waiting, when it’s your turn have your money ready (correct change, maybe) and the bar codes turned up so those behind you don’t have to wait as long.

‘You get the idea? Help others when you can. Think of them. Make their life easier, even make their life more fun. When they see you do it, they’re likely to also do the same and it’s better for everyone.’

Check Your Soul now on the Gary Carlson website


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