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Artificial Intelligence gets set for Africa

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The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Africa: Tracking the Works of BonVee and CeeJay for Future Humanity

Across the internet media two products of modern artificial intelligence by Hanson Robotics are locked in real time debate concerning the probable future.

Sophia the robot discussing with Ben Goertzel

  • Debating the prospects of helping humanity. Sophia (AI) answering some deep questions from Ben Goertzel. (Digital Acid media)

Currently featured on YouTube is “something that’s never been done onstage before,” as “our next guests..discuss the future of humanity, and how they see their types flourish over the coming years. Here to talk all things robots we’ll welcome to the stage (AI robots) Sophia and Han, alongside (human being)…Ben Goertzel!” Then follows an engaging scenario where two robots and a human being lend their intelligent programming to the debate on uplifting human environment and consciousness. Naturally, that’s some great development coming from scoence!

And now, coming home to new realities, we meet BonVee and Ceejay, two final-year African students studying Mathematics at Kazan Federal University, Russian Federation.

By the May of 2019, these two scholars seemed to have realised that their interest in AI (Artificial Intelligence) for two years running had become something of a passion.

Since then, BonVee, from Benin republic, has developed BD97 Places Detection – a system that helps to detect a user’s location from a picture. This AI is currently working on 8 places worldwide!

On cue is CeeJay from Nigeria. CeeJay has developed CJ98,- an AI model to help in recognition of handwritten mathematical formulas among other possible tasks to be executed by this AI.

Emboldened by the initial success of their humble efforts the two whizkids teamed up for further challenges and together, in May April 2019, they developed, at a regional AI competition in Russia, a system to predict the type, scope and degree of neurological disorder and episodes of sensory disturbance or convulsions, associated with abnormal electrical activity in the brain of a patient, ie, epilepsy. The project is ongoing and will be due for test run very soon.

In September 2019, BonVee and CeeJay won the National All-Russian Breakthrough Hackathon for developing a system that reduces traffic jams, accidents and repair time on public roads. This means with this software, cities and states will enjoy unprecedented ease of traffic movement and information stats.

BonVee and CeeJay are currently taking Artificial Intelligence education and awareness campaign to Twitter by creating edAI @edAIOfficial

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On this platform they share their continuous advancements in artificial intelligence. For instance, the duo have just published their findings on developing a deep neural network that helps to approximate roots of any polynomial of degree higher than 4 and less than 16, known from Galois Theory to be unsolvable by radicals.

Unrelenting in their mission to better our planet by accessing positive knowledge bases, BonVee and CeeJay have appeared at the International Artificial Intelligence Journey Conference held in Moscow 8th-9th November, 2019. In attendance were over 300 international AI experts and researchers worldwide, including 150 company representatives from Microsoft, NVIDIA, IBM, Huawei, etc. The two musketeers had the opportunity to rub minds with various AI experts and discuss latest advancements in AI, and the application of AI in business, not forgetting, of course, the ethics of Artificial intelligence that will guarantee the future expansion of human and artificial intelligence to higher synergies.

With hard work, diligent study and research efforts, BonVee and CeeJay will soon prove to be dedicated light warriors for creating and improving AI solutions for Africa, and world humanity.

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