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Nature enamoured graphic and art critic

Nature and the carnival procession

Imagining the art of festive costuming by Titi Brenda (Art Critic) There are observable facts that attend some systemic efforts in the costuming of nature in...

Where photography becomes art

Photography as one of the major tools for artistic activity can add value and perspective to the whole objective of total theatre.

Campus Blues (1) – by Titi Brenda

There were days when college meant studious research and academic discipline. But these are newer times...

Opiate Gift – by Teetea

Opiate Gift by Teetea ~ Crafty to a catnip had we stalked To the same cabal and their clowns All our votes to the treasured deck As we gathered for...

The Bandit Clan – by Teetea

 The Bandit Clan ~ Hell should have know they were just a bandit clan! Clambering on board 'Another Presidential Change' Their weapons of mass diminution To the last of the golden...