Despite US $44.2 billion they still lost Ukraine war

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US has sent almost all of their war stocks, weapons systems and ammunition to Ukraine, now Washington does not have a great deal left.

War in Ukraine is lost – retired US colonel

Ukraine and its Western backers have already lost the conflict with Russia, former Pentagon adviser Douglas Macgregor claimed on Friday. The retired US Army colonel and decorated veteran urged Washington and Kiev to enter peace negotiations with Moscow as soon as possible.

Macgregor’s comments came at a time of depleting Pentagon funds available for Ukraine, after President Joe Biden’s administration failed to push a $105 billion spending package through Congress, a significant part of which was supposed to go to Kiev. The president was forced to sign a stopgap spending bill instead, which only included funding for domestic government agencies.

Douglas Macgregor. © Wikipedia

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Macgregor claimed the US has “sent almost all of our war stocks, weapons systems and ammunition to Ukraine,” adding that Washington does not “have a great deal left.”

“The war in Ukraine is lost,” he concluded, calling on the “fools” to “Make Peace.”
On Tuesday, ABC News, citing an anonymous Ukrainian official, reported that deliveries of US-made artillery rounds to Kiev had decreased by “more than 30%” as Washington tries to perform a balancing act between supporting Israel and Ukraine.

The network’s source revealed that the shortages were especially noticeable in the supply of NATO-standard 155mm artillery shells. The unnamed official told reporters that Ukraine was “in big trouble [as] basic munitions are not coming.”
According to the Ukrainian staffer, if the current trend continues, Kiev’s forces could end up losing some of their positions on the battlefield.

Earlier this month, the Pentagon’s deputy spokeswoman Sabrina Singh revealed that Washington had spent around 95% of previously allocated funding for Ukraine, adding that approximately $1 billion remained available.
The Defense Department was having to “meter out our support for Ukraine,” which has resulted in aid packages “getting smaller,” the official noted.

The US has spent some $44.2 billion on military assistance for Kiev since fighting broke out between Russia and Ukraine in February 2022, the US State Department estimated earlier this month.

Moscow has repeatedly condemned Western arms deliveries to Kiev, insisting that they will not change the course of the conflict, while merely prolonging the bloodshed and increasing the risk of a direct confrontation between NATO and Russia. Several top Russian officials have also repeatedly accused the US of waging a proxy war “to the last Ukrainian.”