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A Hater by Another Name


Public unmasking of one of Nigeria’s false heroes

by Chin Ce

Speculations by the liege of Asari Dokubo and company have been rife that their current national hero president Buhari recently returned from United Kingdom on health exile is a clone of a brain dead original.

So was the report in the Daily Post of October 3, 2017.

But clone or no, evidence abounds in this national hero of a tribalist and hater using so called Nigerian unity to foist parochial interests to the detriment of the southern regions for which he had always had deep-seated contempt mingled with jealousy.

The evidence lies in his short lived military adventurism in 1984.

1984 Buhari: hater or hero?

Buhari 1984: A sleaze of promotions to the ranks of generals in the Nigerian army was revealed by the BBC in 1984 as skewed in favor of mainly northern officers. No singularly qualified officer from the south east was deemed eligible for promotion, the BBC reported.

The gestalt was following the well laid jihadist script from their Sardauna to perpetually ‘hold down the not-to-be-trusted south so the north will dominate.’.

In response to the damming evidence, the junta quickly did a face saving volte face only two weeks later by having the then chief of staff Tunde Idiagbon decorate one or two Igbo officers to the rank of brigadier generals, but not without a swipe at BBC that the Nigerian army was united and not to be divided along non existing ethnicities. That was Nigerian military in denial.

How ironical the spirited remonstration by northern oligarchs against their own paranoia and ethnocentrism even in the face of factual evidence. .

Nigerians have written severally about the hypocrisy of half educated historical accidents like Buhari, Abacha, Obasanjo, Babangida, Abdusalami, et hoc., and the dangers they had severally and frequently posed to the growth and evolution of the nation state along the egalitarian path of justice and equity for all the constituent parts.

That danger lies in the lazy elite mindset foisted from the coup that eliminated a deluded general Ironsi but saw a colonel Gowon toting the gun as Nigerian head of state upon the plan of northern religious supremacy in the management and jurisdiction of the country.

Thenceforth it seemed that every semi-literate that came to rule must hail from a conclave which rested its life force on the seizure of political power.

Even the various constitutions were skewed to allow mere primary school leaving certificate holders to become presidents. It was as though a primary school certificate seemed all that northern Nigeria could offer by way of modern education when their rogue military regime drafted their martial constitution

It should always be remembered that Boko Haram meaning ‘Western education is forbidden’ is a philosophy of an atavistic Islamic North, and not just that of the murderous jihadists of the same name. Till date, ‘Turenci’ meaning English is something of anathema in core northern states and it is the dream of these fanatical tribalists that Hausa will one day become lingua franca for the whole of Nigeria even if Islam does not make it to be the only religion.

One only needs to read the verbal sleight of hand of general Buhari in contemporary politics to interpret this essential national hypocrisy: One of his broadcasts to his nation while dead in the United Kingdom as nation’s president was in Hausa.

Yakubu Gowon did the same during the 1966 pogrom against the Igbo.

Using just Hausa in a multilingual multiethnic collective had always meant to reaffirm the mindset of northern indivisibility against the opposition south whom they had always dreaded might one day shake itself loose from the exploitative military arrangee order which no one has been politically correct enough to query. In the incipient Buhari era this threat was perceived as coming from the rising profile of his vice and acting president Osinbajo – from the south west!

Such is the hypocrisy of Buhari who had ridden into Nigerians’ hearts only with the promise to fight the corruption, impunity and squandermania of the Jonathan years. But the vicious survivalism at the expense of the disunited south was on hand to be exploited as soon as Buhari was made president.

A hater, and his branding of IPOB

Many Buhari haters in the south east typified by the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB, were informed by his antecedents as a fanatical core-north Muslim prebendalist.

The recent events unfolding across the spectrum of the former British colony, climaxing in the branding of these irate and unarmed youths as terrorists seem to have proven them right.

Only few idealists of unity had believed that the dawn of a truly egalitarian society for Nigeria was long overdue and could be realised under a regime that had promised accountability and change.

For now that idealism is Morning Yet On Creation Day, as the great father of African Literature, Chinua Achebe, himself a Biafra believer, had written years ago.

To even a casual observer, it would not take a clone of Buhari to implement the grandiose exploits of some hateful ombudsmen intent upon their economic lechery of Niger delta fortunes.

It only needs the reviving of the self same heritage of despots, and their parroting of unity, read unitarianism  to implement the agenda that a section must continue to dictate for Nigeria the pace and momentum of change which, in their twisted logic, can only mean the globalising of elite backwardness upon the fortunes that stupid major Lugard and the bloody British had bequeathed them in West Africa.

Fortunately that dystopian regression as envisioned by that breed of psychopaths will now come to an end as, roused by the irreparable wounds of the south, Nigeria poises for the great spring for the good of generations unborn.

A strident clamour against hate

As the entire spectrum of the nation clamour for restructuring, the bigots masquerading for one Nigeria are finally at the end of their tethers in the manipulation of historical hatreds and deployment of brute military tactic for unmerited seizure of land, property and mineral resources.

The nation they yearn for their grand exploits is clamoring for greater Nigeria through federation restructuring.

And, oblivious to even his finer instincts, the hypocrite of one Nigeria, president Buhari, had gone to the United Nations to further the cause by calling for a restructured UN.

There again the leading hater by the name of tribal hero had also canvassed for the right of self determination of the Palestinian people.

Both cases of irony lie in the parallel with the southern debacle that faces the ignorant general.

President Buhari’s unmasking as a bigot is nowhere more graphological than in the IPOB agitation which he stoops to decimate by military fiat, while pampering his Fulani kinsmen to rape, loot, murder and terrorise the central and southern Nigeria

However, the world calls on him to negotiate with the legitimate aspirations of those whom he had treated with implacable hatred all through the quirks of his false national heroism.

And negotiate must the north, south, east and west.

For the era of the band of fake heroes of state infraction that have ruled this country from Balewa through Buhari is finally at overdrive.

That era will soon be dead and buried as renewed agitations by the nation’s youths engulf Buhari’s archaic vision from all nooks and crannies of every Nigerian nationality.