Humanitarianism: the rising movement in collective evolution


We have our unique individual roles, however, no one is above another. No one knows more than another or is more powerful than another.

Rising Movements Defining Evolutionary Steps

We are turning the corner into a brand new worldscape… can you feel it? Can you feel the clearing of energy? New doors opening? The cosmic winds are beneath the wings of humanity!

There are some monumental fields of energy that are influencing our next evolutionary steps. These are really like immense ‘movements’ that are defining our current emergence. They are coming together as our new container from which to create and thrive.

Begin moving your entire life into these directions. You will be assured of having the support needed to insure highest alignment to where the whole is migrating. It might be a retweeking here and there to bring your work into a higher resonance. It might also mean a complete shift from what you have been doing up to now.

The Emerging Movements

The Enlightened Group Mind

gif Image from Tenor
Our Ascending Planet (courtesy: Tenor)

We are synthesizing as a unified intelligence that selflessly thinks together, feels together and moves together as a catalyzing forcefield of Divine Will and Grace.

This is speaking about you, as a sovereign self operating inclusively within the framework of unity consciousness. We are all learning how to perceive in this way. It’s no longer about the individual or our personality brand. We operate from deep coherence with our totality of being.

We must continue to work diligently on transcending not only those final vestiges of separateness but also our entire selfhood. The importance upon individual accomplishments is losing charge. Individual identity does not matter because it is not even real in the absolute sense. We perceive now from our total one consciousness and apply this unified intelligence to empower the world mission.

Sure, we have unique individual roles, however, no one is above another. No one knows more than another or is more powerful than another. No one holds all of the keys. We designed it this way. We are an interlocking matrix… one, unified field of divine purpose.

When we come together as one, all of our puzzles pieces fit. Then, we can literally move mountains as a Group Avatar and invincible God force in human form.


The neurology of the brain and the heart are shifting. The atom is reconfiguring. New DNA encoding is actualizing. As a race, we are metamorphing into a more intelligent template.

With this, and at the very fundamental level, comes new attitudes of basic goodness, kindness, friendliness, benevolence and the sincere willingness to help and cooperate with others who are also of this resonance.

When the majority of people are orienting towards “good”, a will to do good arises. Naturally, a global goodwill movement emerges. The outer reflection of God’s Will is goodwill. Goodwill inspires humanitarianism. This is the beauty and the natural impulse of the mass awakening and it’s happening right now. Nothing can stop it.

Humanitarianism is the real duty of us all. It is our high responsibility to take care of each other, and to support each other without prejudice. These channels are opening on mass scale.

As we step forward in our expanding roles, we are acknowledging our humanitarian nature as the highest priority. We give support in some way, big or small, to this incredible awakening occurring in our world.

In fact, there are untold numbers of humanitarian projects, waiting in the wings and readying to bless the world. These projects are dependent upon the new economic structures that are coming into place.

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