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Learn from the author of Gamji College and The Visitor

by citycents for Africa Forum

Chin Ce: poet, novelist, essayist, editor, researcher #new galactic humanity teaches that the power of vision, idea or skill enhances incrementally when tended to its fullest possible potential through writing.

In olden times writing was exclusively for the privileged class. The ancients of Egypt and Mesopotamia who made writing a preserve of priesthood and royalty probably understood the discipline as work in progress towards (self) knowledge and optimal enlightenment.

During renaissance and industrial revolution of Europe writing expanded in scope and practice as a tool for the people’s liberation from mental servitude.

Ancient hieroglyph

The coming of internet in twilight of the twentieth century marked the watershed in the devolution of knowledge resource from the specialties of scientific research to an age of massive planet wide participation which reach and power is known to date as the information revolution.

Such potency of unfettered thinking is why ideas and opinions at the forum of africaresearch.org  are always not only welcome but formally enhanced along the widening frontiers of internet media.

We share knowledge through a collective of dedicated men and women aligned with their galactic cousins spreading the light of human common origins in Creator Source. In this age of great cosmic evolution in conscious awareness humans from across the galaxies are playing their part steadily but surely to bring in the long awaited golden age of Gaia.

New galactic humanity

On this Forum you will be reading the author of the African trilogy: Children of Koloko; Gamji College; The Visitor. Chin Ce’s writers’ forum on WordPress is passionate about the training and development of generational progeny via the art and science of creative expressions.

You will also be meeting other writers – Zito Brown, City Cents, Christed Light, Titi Brenda – whose work on the Forum are a delight in the rising tapestry of information readership.

Sign in to Africa Forum to enjoy unlimited creative experience with authors. Have your ideas etched as the sun does on the rising #MediaAcrossBorders!
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